How to make friends cats – what to do if you took an animal from the street

If you have taken a kitten from the street and do not have experience in caring for pets, then be sure to take it to the veterinarian. And when there is already one cat at home, try to make them friends

If you took an animal from the street and you already have a cat, then first show the foundling to the veterinarian, and then make friends with fluffies / Photo:,

Have you picked up a kitten on the street, but have never taken care of pets before? Or you already have a cat, and you are afraid that he will offend the furry. How to Take Care of a Small Outdoor Animal and adapt it to new conditions as soon as possible – advice from and uanimals.official will help.

Even if a kitten or cat has lived and survived on the street for some time, he is still under stress. Fluffy must be made to understand that your home is safe for him. First, talk to the kitten in a gentle voice, of course the animal does not understand your speech. But he feels when he is praised and kind words are said. Open all doors, drawers, show that there are no strangers in the house who can harm him.

The cat could starve for a long time on the street, so feed him, but do not give too much at once. It is better to buy several types of food and offer them gradually. While the cat is eating, praise him and try to avoid loud noises when feeding the animal.

Be sure to take your furry to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Even if they treated it for fleas and worms. The doctor will examine the animal and make a conclusion about its state of health. It will also tell you what to feed the cat.

Do not rush to immediately bathe the cat, as you will expose the animal to even more stress. If he has parasites, then it is better to purchase a special spray at the pharmacy and treat the fluffy.

If you already have a cat, then it is better to bring a new cat or kitten in a carrier and not immediately open it. The old-timer cat first needs to smell the guest.

After that, you can release a new cat, but in another room. If both cats are healthy, then take a damp cloth, wipe her cheeks and near the ears of your pet – and then, a beginner. This is how the smell is transferred from one pet to another.

To make cats friends, feed them treats when they are in the same room. Let them play with one toy, but at the same time, everyone should still have different ones. If you see that they have begun to play or sniff each other, praise and reward with something tasty.

Until the cats become friends, try to be close to them when they get to know each other to avoid aggression. In the future, give them the same amount of attention and do not punish this pet in front of another.

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