Summer dresses 2022 from Ukrainian brands – where to buy and prices (photo)

We have collected for you ten options for the most romantic and trendy dresses of the summer 2022 season, which you can buy from Ukrainian brands and support domestic manufacturers

Fashionable dresses for summer 2022 from Ukrainian designers / Photo: Collage: Today

No matter how terrible and terrible the news is, we are trying to return to normal life or what can be called normal. We meet friends we haven’t seen since the beginning of the war, we celebrate birthdays between sirens, we go to the store to buy what we need.

Many of us are tormented by the question of whether it is worth buying a new dress or is it better to save money just in case, or send it to help those in need. There is no single answer. If you have the opportunity to spend money on yourself, you help volunteers and this purchase will be able to cheer you up – do it without remorse. Psychologists recommend thinking about normal and ordinary things at least for a moment. Only in this way can our psyches endure the horrors of war.

We have collected the most romantic dresses from Ukrainian brands that you can buy now. Remember, the usual purchase of a thing is to support a business.

Dresses with playful ruffles, delicate flounces, floral patterns, plaid and polka dots are the most romantic trend of the summer season 2022. Ukrainian designers offer dresses of different lengths from maxi to mini, made of light fabrics, with elegant details.

Patriotic Shades

Do not be afraid of combinations of blue and yellow in the colors of the flag of Ukraine. Pay attention to the saturation of shades and elements so as not to overdo it and not look like the same flag. Fortunately, Ukrainian designers have decent options.


ANNA YAKOVENKO, 1770 UAH / Photo: press service


NADYA DZYAK, $761 / Photo: press service


Infantile, playful and romantic polka dot print is the most romantic trend of the summer season 2022. Brands decorate blouses, dresses, jackets, trousers and skirts with the polka dot pattern.

The body wear, 14 900 UAH

The body wear, 14 900 UAH / Photo: Instagram

Sleeper, price on request

Sleeper, price on request / Photo: Instagram

Floral print

A floral dress is the most win-win option that will always be in fashion. Such outfits can be found in the wardrobes of our mothers, they are worn by celebrities from Bella Hadid to Emily Ratajkowski.


ANNA YAKOVENKO, 1770 UAH / Photo: press service


MUST HAVE, 2799 UAH / Photo:


Another must-have for the summer 2022 season is the plaid print. Choose outfits in all sorts of interpretations – tartan, glenchik, vichy, houndstooth. For summer, options in bright colors are suitable.


ANNA YAKOVENKO, 1050 UAH / Photo: Instagram

SLEEPER, price on request

SLEEPER, price on request / Photo: Instagram

Fancy prints

A dress in polka dot or floral prints is no longer impressive? Pay attention to fruit and options with animals, or with mushrooms like Vovk.

Vovk, 1743 UAH

Vovk, 1743 UAH / Photo:

Garne, 629 UAH

Garne, 629 UAH / Photo:

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