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Want to run a marathon? Anatoly Anatolich told how to do it

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Recently, the host of the program “Ranok z Ukraine” on the TV channel “Ukraine” ran his second large-scale world marathon

Anatoly Anatolich told how to run a marathon / Photo: instagram.com/anatoliyanatolich

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Anatoly Anatolich promised himself to run all the largest marathons in the world three years ago. He stubbornly goes to his goal. This time the TV presenter went to London.

Anatoly Anatolich took part in the world marathon Virgin Money London Marathon, within which he covered 42 km in 4 hours 48 minutes. Exclusively for Segodnya, the TV presenter spoke about the preparation for the marathon.

What do you need to know if you want to run?

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A person who decides to run a marathon needs to understand a few things. According to Anatoly Anatolich, it is important to take the first step – to go to your first run and there will not be much time left before the marathon.

It should be understood that a marathon is not just beautiful photos.… It is difficult, in some places it even hurts. It’s sweat and blood. But, at the same time, it is acceptance and self-knowledge. Therefore, the marathon is not only about the physical, but rather about the strength of mind, will and character, – says the presenter.

Anatoly Anatolich

Anatoly Anatolich / Photo: press service

About preparation

According to Anatoly, it was not easy for him, because due to the busy schedule, he missed part of the preparation.

The preparation took place in a difficult regime. I was, frankly, not 100% ready, because I missed quite a lot of workouts due to my busy work schedule: constant travel, business trips and filming. Because of this, the training schedule was also lost. This made itself felt during the marathon – I ran half an hour longer than I intended, – Anatoly shared.

According to the host, the essence of preparation is to run a certain mileage, run as often and for as long as possible. Training should take place according to a special program, which will tell you how you can and should do before the marathon.

Emotions after the marathon

Anatoly admitted that after the race he wanted to cry:

Of course, with joy and gratitude to everyone who helped and supported. You feel special gratitude to your loved ones, who endured that you went to training instead of spending time with your family.

Anatoly Anatolich

Anatoly Anatolich / Photo: press service

Marathon is a challenge

According to Anatoly, the marathon is undoubtedly a big challenge to himself. The host stressed that it is not for nothing that many large international companies pay attention to such points in summarywhere the person indicates that he is a marathon runner or an athlete. This means that such a person knows how to set tasks and goals. And also he is ready to do anything to achieve and fulfill them. This shows the character of a person and his purposefulness.

I can tell that all the marathon runners who ran with me in London (which is 50 thousand people) are winners. Each of them has already performed super-effort on himself, which means that each of these people can be entrusted with any work. It turns out that marathon runners are successful, strong and tough personalities, – Anatolich noted.

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