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    “Diesel Show” does not pay employees: Sukhanov, Mishina and other stars stood up for the injured director

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    The Diesel Studio company has been promising to transfer the fee to Nikolai Fedisenkov for a month now. Actor Yegor Krutogolov wrote an unpleasant message to the guy. In a difficult situation, the young director is not alone. Details of the scandal – in the material

    Scandal broke out around “Diesel Studio”: details / Photo: Collage: Today

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    You can’t do without scandals in the world of show business. The other day, viewers watched the battle between Anastasia Prikhodko and Potap because of the war. And now the director, who worked with “Diesel Studio”, Nikolai Fedosenkov showed the backstage of the entertainment program. As it turned out, the employees there are not paid salaries!

    Nikolai Fedosenkov shared on Instagram a story that happened to him at the Diesel Show during a full-scale war.

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    As the director wrote, he worked for the company for 10 months. At first he was a props on two of their projects: “Daddies 4” and “Survive at any cost 4”.

    In addition to his main duties, Nikolai filmed and edited funny backstages on the set.

    Nobody asked me – this is my hobby. My work was very much liked by the producers and actors, who helped me move to a new position – content maker TikTok “Diesel”. They were just looking for a person who would visit their various shootings, shoot and edit videos. My salary has decreased by 5,000 euros. But there are more opportunitiesthe man admitted.

    According to Fedisenkov, his first task in his new position in January was to create an additional series of the series “Papanki 4” (a film about the film). A creative producer, editing director and actors worked with him on the project.

    As Nikolai added, Alexey Blanar, the founder of Diesel Studio, was pleased with the work.

    Alexey Blanar. Photo: Facebook

    Approve my fee in the amount of 33,000 euros, but in fact I received 3,000 euros less. Alexey told me about the initial amount: “I don’t remember that!”. It was the first bell that is thrown here for money. But I ignored him, because, frankly, I really liked doing what I was doing, the man shared.

    At the end of February, as Fedisenkov explained, he was not paid extra 9,900 euros for his work. And in March – 10,000 euros.

    However, the manager assured the director – “the more he edits the video, the more he will receive a salary.”

    In April, I tried really hard and gave them a lot of videos. And I received 0 euros for a month of work + a complete lack of answers to my questions, except: “Wait, the founder of Diesel, Alexei Blanar, will contact you,” Fedosenkov said.

    The director also published a screenshot of the message that he wrote to Alexei Blanar and director Yana. In the text, Nicholas noted that the company had until June 23 to pay him all the debt. In case of non-payment, he will tell the public about the incident, which, in fact, happened.

    I will not wait another month for an answer to my questions: “Why have I still not been paid my salaries and others?”. I wrote a big post about how “Diesel” in martial law throws his colleagues for money and ignores any connection with them– Nikolai said in a message.

    Nikolai wrote to the director and leader. Photo: screenshot from Instagram
    Nikolai wrote to the director and leader. Photo: screenshot from Instagram

    Besides, the director showed a rather unpleasant correspondence with actor Yegor Krutogolov. He wrote that the company was ready to pay Fedosenkov 15 thousand euros, but:

    Taking into account the amount of work done, force majeure (war) and, frankly, your threats (it’s stupid to negotiate like that), the company is ready to pay 15,000. If this amount does not suit you, you can start a special anti-PR operation. The company is not afraid of you,” the actor wrote to Nikolai.

    Krutogolov corresponded with the director. Photo: screenshot from Instagram

    The reaction of stars and ex-employees of the company

    The Internet has already reacted to such a scandal. In particular, Ksenia Mishina asked whether “such actions of Diesel Studio are carried out through the letter Z in the logo?”.

    The reaction of Ksenia Mishina. Photo: screenshot from Instastories

    Alexander Ellert and Alexei Sukhanov also shared their thoughts on the incident.

    The reaction of the presenter and the actor. Photo: screenshot from Instastories

    Note that other employees of the company also faced a similar situation. Nastya Bugera also experienced such injustice while working for Diesel Studio. However, after the first month of work, she left there.

    Photo: screenshot from Instastories

    I have such a story not in wartime! But after the first month, I sent Alexei to the office personally! Yes, I would love to be a part of this! Because this does not take place in the new Ukraine, for which people give their lives, – the girl wrote under the director’s post.

    At the same time in Diesel Studio has not yet commented on this situation.

    Recall that earlier we wrote about the scandal Ukrainian singer Irina Fedyshyn got into after Eurovision 2022.

    Source: Segodnya

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