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    An affair with Putin and homemade porn: scandalous facts about the birthday girl Pamela Anderson

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    On July 1, the Hollywood model and actress celebrates her 55th birthday. The site “Today” recalled the most interesting moments from her biography

    Pamela Anderson – 55 / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    Pamela Anderson’s life is definitely not boring. Even at 55, the actress continues to win the hearts of men around the world. And recently, Pamela divorced her sixth husband and opened her heart to a new love.

    Many facts from Anderson’s biography may seem shocking. The site “Today” will recall the most unexpected moments in the life of the star of “Rescuers Malibu”.

    Interesting facts about Pamela Anderson
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    Interesting facts about Pamela Anderson / Photo: Imdb.com

    Pamela Anderson is a Playboy star

    Huge popularity came to Pamela after the first photo shoot for Playboy magazine. In 1989, the fashion model first appeared on the pages of a frank gloss and conquered the entire male audience.

    For 10 years, Pamela has been on the cover of a men’s magazine almost every year. Total on the account of the model 14 covers Playboy.

    The actress has 14 Playboy covers

    On account of the actress 14 covers for Playboy

    Five marriages – six husbands

    Personal life has always been under the guns of cameras. The status of a sex symbol made the actress the most desirable girl in America. And it is worth noting that Anderson has always used this advantage. Behind the actress five official marriages.

    In 1995, Pamela married a rock musician Tommy Lee. The couple got married five days after they met. In marriage, the couple had two sons, but this did not bring happiness. According to the actress, her husband regularly beat her and even received a ban from the court to approach his wife. The couple officially divorced in 1998.

    The actress' first marriage was to rock musician Tommy Lee

    The first marriage of the actress was with rock musician Tommy Lee.

    The second husband of the actress was also a rock musician, Kid Rock. The wedding took place on a yacht in St. Tropez in 2006. True, their family did not last long. Four months after the wedding, Kid and Pamela divorced.

    Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock

    Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

    A year later, the actress got married again. Anderson became the chosen one Rick Solomon. But these relationships also failed. In 2008, the couple announced their separation. The reason was Rick’s fraud.

    In January 2020, Pamela played a secret wedding with a producer John Peters. Relations between them originated back in 1989, but then nothing happened. After 30 years, John and Pamela again decided to try their luck, but their family life lasted only two weeks. Later it turned out that the couple was not officially painted.

    Pamela's fifth marriage was to producer Jon Peters

    Pamela’s fifth marriage was to producer Jon Peters.

    The sixth marriage of the model was with her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst. The lovers became close during the coronavirus pandemic, as they spent a lot of time together. Then Pamela was extremely happy. However, a year later, this marriage of the actress broke up.

    Pamela Anderson Married a Security Guard

    Pamela Anderson married a security guard / Photo: Screenshot from the Daily Mail

    Romance with Putin

    Anderson once hinted at a “romantic relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.” The British TV presenter Piers Morgan spoke about the possible connection between the President of Russia and the American actress.

    Of course, there were strange rumors that she meets with a certain Russian president. “I love that question,” Anderson says with a laugh when asked about her relationship with Vladimir Putin. But in fact, she does not give an answer, ”the host said.

    Anderson is an ardent animal advocate

    Pamela calls vegetarianism the main secret of her beauty. Baywatch star advocates for animal rights and is active in many charitable campaigns.

    Anderson has participated in protests against the use of fur in clothing many times, and has also actively opposed KFC. In addition, the star is the face American Liver Foundation and member of the board of directors of the organization for the protection of the seas Sea Shepherd.

    Anderson stands for animal rights

    Anderson advocates for animal rights / Photo: Getty Images

    For her active position, the actress was awarded the Linda McCartney Award in 1999.

    Homemade porn

    A loud scandal around the name of Pamela Anderson broke out in 1995. Then hit the web Pamela Anderson sex video and her first husband, Tommy Lee. The home video spread across the Internet instantly.

    And although the couple sued the Internet Entertainment Group, they failed to remove all copies of explicit content with the actress.

    Home videos of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are circulating on the web

    Home videos of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are circulating on the web

    Earlier, the site “Today” recalled unexpected facts about Maxim Galkin.

    Source: Segodnya

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