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    “I kept waiting …”: Lilia Podkopayeva about the silence of Ani Lorak and friends in Donetsk

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    The legend of Ukrainian sports admitted that she faced a wall of misunderstanding. Now she does not communicate with many of her friends.

    Lilia Podkopayeva spoke about communication with Ani Lorak and friends from Donetsk / Photo: Collage: Today

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    The silent position of Ani Lorak destroyed the friendship with an old friend Lilia Podkopayeva. The athlete admitted that she had not communicated with her godfather since the beginning of the war.

    As Podkopayeva said in an interview with Slava +, she had to break off relations not only with Ani Lorak. As you know, the gymnast is from Donetsk, so with the outbreak of the war in the Donbass, her relationship with many friends was shaken.

    There (in Donetsk – ed.) from the 14th year we were already called “Natsiks” and that we rode on the Maidan there. When I started to explain and tried to explain why this is happening, I also met the wall. Nobody wants to hear anything, so we can’t have anything more close,” Podkopayeva said.

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    The athlete said that her coaches remained in Donetsk. But they were completely swallowed up by pro-Russian propaganda.

    They have already been converted by propaganda. It’s very scary. DNR and LNR are terrorist organizations, which shouldn’t exist. And of course, it had to be finished in the 14th year, – said Podkopayeva.

    During an interview, Slava Demin said that he wrote to Ani Lorak, but did not receive a response. Leading showed a screenshot of the correspondence with a “silent” star.

    Screenshot from video

    Lilia Podkopayeva admitted that she did not try to contact her ex-girlfriend. According to the athlete, this makes no sense if a person has already taken such a position.

    I didn’t write to her. Silence is very loud. Neither Ani Lorak nor her representative made any statement. Therefore, we conclude that she did what she wanted to do. I kept waiting…because every vote counts. A voice that has so many followers needed to be put up like a shield. Because children are dying, we, like we, cannot afford it,” said the gymnast.

    At the same time, Podkopayeva admitted that for her, betrayal by the star godmother, after which the athlete named her eldest daughterwas a very strong shock.

    I’ve always tried to find an excuse. But now there are no excuses. I really waited and for me it is very painful. I craved to the last. But when three months passed and there was complete silence, it killed meLily said candidly.

    Earlier, Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich said that Ani Lorak’s silence about the war was a shock to her.

    Source: Segodnya

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