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    Borscht with cherries and mysterious dungeons: 5 reasons to go to Vinnitsa after the victory

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    About the double-decker bus, like in London, atypical cherry dishes and Insta-zones with a historical background – in the material “Today”

    5 reasons to go to Vinnitsa after the victory / Photo: Collage: Today

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    The war continues, but the Ukrainians are positive in anticipation of victory and trips to other cities for vacation. Together with guide Alena Sazonova we will tell 5 reasons to come to Vinnitsa for the weekend. Read on and find out where to enjoy local food, tours, museums, fountains, and architectural landmarks.

    1 – architecture

    Vinnitsa – a city with historywhich is over 650 years old. Architectural landmarks are a special kind of cultural heritage. Tourists do not bypass them, enjoying the beauty and concept.

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    Among the TOP 5 must visit locations:

    • Vinnitsa walls – a complex of defensive and monastic buildings of the 17th century. The masonry was erected by Jesuit monks and became the main defensive structure of the city in ancient times.
    • Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Angels – Catholic church in Tuscan Baroque style, built in 1746 by Capuchin monks. The holy place was designed above the underground passage, which runs to the Jesuit monastery. Tourists are given excursions there, telling stories about the monk Shiman, wandering through the Vinnytsia dungeons.
    • Water tower – the first water pipe in Vinnytsia, which is not bypassed by tourists. It is located in the city center on European Square. In ancient times, the workers of the city water utility lived there, and today the Museum of Afghan Warriors operates.
    • Savoy Hotel – the first six-story building in Vinnitsa, called the area identifier. Tourists come to the location for the sake of a photo against the background of the facade. Here, for the first time in the city, an electric elevator, central water supply, sewerage, hot water and electric lighting appeared. Now in the premises of “Savoy” – Vinnitsa Administrative Court of Appeal.
    • Vinnitsa Academic Musical Drama Theater Nikolai Sadovsky – the center of the cultural life of the city, which is 112 years old. If your ideal evening plan includes a theatrical performance, then come here.

    2 – fountains

    During a walk around Vinnitsa, tourists are “accompanied” by fountains. During martial law, all of them work, except for the largest one – the Roshen multimedia fountain.

    I am sure that soon Ukrainians and foreigners will come to Vinnitsa enjoy a new laser show dedicated to the victory of Ukraine! – said the guide Alena Sazonova.

    In Vinnitsa, do not bypass the TOP-3 fountains:

    • The fountain Roshen, built on the Southern Bug River, is the largest in Europe. It distinguishes it from others in Vinnitsa – a laser show with musical accompaniment. When you come here, you will see the performance. What are the central jets of water up to 70 meters high.
    • Fountain in the Central Park. Nikolai Leontovich, designed in the 1950s. Residents call it a nostalgic note of the city life of Vinnitsa, and tourists call it an open-air area for photo shoots.
    • Fountain “Solar system” – in the center of the composition is a sculpture of the titan Atlanta, holding a figurine of the Sun in her hands. Around it are the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Come here at night, when the lights are turned on, giving the surroundings of the location.

    3 – double-decker bus excursions

    Arrange a tour of Vinnitsa on a double-decker bus in pink and yellow colors without a roof. The first and only tourist double-decker has been running in the city since 2021. Travelers explore the sights and listen to history at a height of 4 meters. The trip will remind you of the typical London vibe of excursions of this format. During the trip, you will listen to interesting stories about Vinnitsa from guides, including Alena Sazonova.

    It’s 1.5 hours and 22 kilometers continuous Vinnitsa pleasure. During the war, historical sightseeing tours are held, and after the victory we will return the original ones: with champagne, saxophone and conversations for adults about the nightlife of a small province,” says guide Alena Sazonova.

    4 – museums

    Lovers of history and unique artifacts will not be bored in Vinnitsa. In the city you will find museums for every taste: from modern to those that are over 100 years old . To the recommended selection TOP-5 from the guide Alena Sazonova, included:

    1. National Museum-estate of M. I. Pirogov.
    2. Vinnitsa Regional Museum of Local Lore.
    3. Historical and memorial complex in memory of the victims of Nazism
    4. AutoMotoVeloPhotoTeleRadioMuseum.
    5. Museum of Transport Models.

    5 – gastro tourism

    Salo, horseradish, Ulanovsky potatoes, black blood, tomatoes with garlic are the gastronomic highlights of the region. But business card of Vinnitsa – dishes with cherries. Tourists are recommended: cherry borsch, cherry dredges (a dessert similar to the Italian “Panna cotta” – ed.), cherry dumplings, cherry strudel, and also a burger with cherries and a beef patty.

    Atypical Vinnitsa gastronomic combinations order in the TOP-5 institutions of the city:

    1. “Trophy”.
    2. Churchill Inn.
    3. “Horse in a gas mask”.
    4. Gagarin burgers & meat.
    5. “Seating Mr.”

    We used to say that tourists will massively go to Odessa after the victory – 5 reasons why.

    Source: Segodnya

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