Frankness to Malakhov and a fight with a Russian boyfriend: Lindsay Lohan’s TOP antics

The red-haired beast became famous not only in cinema, but also in scandals. But now she has come to her senses. On Lindsey’s birthday, the site “Today” tells how the outrageous star turned into a romantic bride!

Lindsay Lohan – 36 / Photo: Collage: Today

Today, July 2, the scandalous Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan celebrates her 36th birthday. Behind the celebrity is not only a successful film career, but also a number of high-profile scandals that are still on everyone’s lips.

Outrageous Lindsay Lohan is the most striking and very sad example of what the glory that has fallen on a child can lead to. After all, parents began to make a star out of their daughter when she was only three years old! Perhaps exactly the lack of a full-fledged childhood and influenced the behavior of the already adult Lindsey.

Alcohol abuse, drugs, lawsuits, quarrels with star friends – this and other “Today” is told on Lohan’s birthday.

Constant traffic accidents, lawsuits and prison

It’s no secret to anyone that Lindsay Lohan has long been addicted to alcohol and drugs. There were cases when she came to the shooting in a state of intoxication and, in front of her colleagues, got a hangover after noisy parties! Because of this, the career of the actress went down the drain.

Moreover, because of bad habits Lindsey regularly got in trouble with the law. She constantly became the culprit of the accident. By the way, in 2006 alone, the star had an accident on the road three times!

Lindchy often drove drunk

Lindchy often drove drunk / Photo: Pinterest

One day, the actress, trying to escape from the paparazzi by car, collided with a minibus. The next time the celebrity exceeded the speed limit. Then the police stopped her. Law enforcement officers found a bag of … cocaine in Lohan’s car!

Lindsey used drugs and alcohol regularly

Lindsey used drugs and alcohol regularly

Then she was sent to prison for a day. But the actress sat there for less than three hours due to the lack of free places in the cells. The judge commuted the celebrity’s sentence to three years’ probation.

In 2007, Lindsey was again sent to jail. During treatment at the clinic, the actress was put on a special bracelet that reads alcohol fumes from the surface of the skin and turns on if the person wearing it drank alcohol.

While at the Cannes Film Festival, Lindsey’s bracelet went off. As a result, the court issued a fine of $ 200 thousand to the actress and ordered her to appear weekly at a Los Angeles clinic for blood alcohol tests, as well as attend a school for alcoholics. Lohan skipped class, for which she was sent to prison.

Lindsay Lohan in court (2011) / Photo: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan in court (2011) / Photo: Getty Images

By the way, Lindsay Lohan has repeatedly tried to treat addiction in clinics. However, this did not give any results until the celebrity herself decided to do away with drugs and alcohol.

Theft and jail

In 2011, Lindsay Lohan was again on trial for stealing a jewelry necklace from a shop in Venice. The cost of the decoration was $2,500. In court, Lohan denied the charge. However, this did not affect anything. The court appointed the star 120 days in prison and 480 hours of community service.

By the way, American journalists have repeatedly written that the actress often got into the lens of the paparazzi in stolen accessories.

Fight with Russian millionaire boyfriend

In 2016, while on vacation in Greece, the star got into a fight on the beach with her Russian boyfriend Yegor Tarabasov. Eyewitnesses even managed to capture this spectacle on camera!

When the video appeared on the Web, the then 30-year-old Lindsay Lohan began to claim that it was the 23-year-old guy who first attacked her and she was an innocent victim. Soon the star even said that she was pregnant. However, Lohan’s mother denied this information.

Interview with Andrey Malakhov

In 2016, Lindsay Lohan became the heroine of the Russian talk show Let Them Talk. True, there were no scandals here. They say that Lindsey demanded luxury conditions, more than 500 thousand pounds sterling and a meeting with Putin for her participation. The organizers of the show assured that these are unrealistic conditions. With grief in half, both sides agreed.

Malakhov’s interview with Lindsey took place in a hotel room in Moscow. Then the star spoke about breaking up with her Russian boyfriend, who lived at her expense in London, did not work anywhere, and was also an abuser.

Lindsey and Malakhov

Lindsey and Malakhov / Photo: Screenshot from video

Obviously, filming conditions have been changed. However, how exactly the organizers of the talk show agreed with Lohan is unknown.

Friendship with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

Lindsey, Paris and Britney were inseparable girlfriends in the noughties. They lived each day as if it were their last. Noisy parties, quarrels and undermining the reputation – that’s what the trio lived for.

star trio

star trio / Photo: Pinterest

However, after some time, Lohan “coveted” Hilton’s boyfriend, the Greek billionaire Stavros Niarchos. Thereafter female friendship has come to an end. Subsequently, the ex-girlfriends did not miss the opportunity to insult each other in their interviews.

Lindsey and Paris were best friends

Lindsey and Paris were best friends / Photo: Pinterest

Previously, Lindsey stated that the socialite hit her at one of the parties and poured a cocktail on her! Paris responded by calling the actress a “pathological liar.”

Interestingly, when Britney Spears got married, she invited Paris to the celebration. But the singer did not remember Lohan.

What’s wrong with Lindsay Lohan

Obviously, now scandals for a movie star are in the past. After a series of antics, the actress disappeared from the social radar for a couple of years, and only in 2021 did she triumphantly return with the news of her engagement!

In Instagram, the actress shared a series of pictures with her beloved Bader Shamas, in which she shows off a large diamond ring. Photo Lindsey succinctly signed: “My love, my life, my family, my future.”

Movie star with boyfriend

Movie star with boyfriend

Bader is known to be of Lebanese descent and is an assistant vice president of Credit Suisse, an international asset management company based in the United Arab Emirates. Shamas and Lohan are said to have met in Dubai in early 2020, where they now live. Well, we are waiting for the grand wedding of the couple 🙂

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