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How to return to work mode, if there is absolutely no strength – advice from a psychologist

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How to start working again? Where to get the strength, motivation, energy to return to the previous regime? Is it possible to return to it? Dealing with a psychologist

How to adapt to new realities / Photo: Collage: Today

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After February 24, the lives of many Ukrainians have changed dramatically. People had to leave their homes, move in with loved ones, seek asylum abroad. When we found comparative security, the next question arose – making money. The lucky ones returned to their previous jobs, and many had to look for new jobs.

Now our psyche is going through hard times. Adaptation to all the horror of what is happening, acceptance, denial, pain and tears. In the morning we barely get out of bed, we want to go far away and not think, not read, but just lie down. How to find strength in yourself and continue to work? Psychologist Tamara Dobudoglo gave some good advice.

If you still have a job and you have the opportunity to return and do business again, develop a comfortable plan, the expert noted.

Return to Operation Plan:

  • division of tasks;
  • breaks;
  • relaxation;
  • sleep and food regimen (because it is a concern for resources);
  • planning one thing for the day. Thus, your resources will be distributed evenly between the loads. Don’t “tear” yourself apart.
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The psychologist also explained that no one will be able to work at full strength now. It’s just that our resources are weakened or exhausted. Our brains don’t work as fast anymore, constant stress and fear have reduced our productivity. You will notice that you have time to do much less than before.

The main thing – do not expect from yourself the usual productivity. Because it’s an illusion, – said the psychologist.

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Source: Segodnya

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