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    Why the James Bond camped by Daniel Craig has no shocking lines

    Daniel Craig, which we find on the poster of To die can wait, the 25th film James Bond, explains why his character is not a specialist in shock lines.

    We can ask James Bond to remain classy in almost all circumstances, or to get out of situations whose outcome seems dramatic at first glance. But it would obviously be putting the feet in the dish to expect from his current incarnation a grape-shot of witticisms.

    Credits Gaumont / Columbia TriStar Films

    Currently promoting To die can wait, James Bond’s twenty-fifth film adventure, Daniel Craig told Empire he couldn’t totally be the same 007 as his predecessors.

    Craig admits James Bonds were funnier with Moore

    Whoever has just worn the tuxedo for the fifth and likely last time considers that short and punchy lines should not be expected from him. Because it does not fit both with his way of portraying Agent 007 and the way he shoots the films:

    “A lot of people talk about humor in movies, and there was a lot more humor and gags when Roger [Moore] did. I always said I would love to make gags, but the way we made movies, you can’t write gags. The shock aftershocks would seem to come out of nowhere. I always said if I started trying to make one sentence jokes people would say ‘no’. ”

    Daniel Craig, however, assures that he has not been restricted in any way in his interpretation of the character. One would have thought that with what emerges as his final participation in the James Bond saga in the cinema, an attempt at a shocking reply could have been slipped into To die can wait. It is also not certain that his successor in the role is more likely to find 007 this humorous side. In any case, it will not be easy to convince the public accustomed to Daniel Craig since 2006 and Casino Royale. Just as it had been feared that the spectators of the 1990s would refuse another Bond than that of Pierce Brosnan.


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