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    Uspenskaya believes that Sobchak is hyping in an accident: She talks more about herself and money

    The singer says that many asked her to comment on the accident that the Russian presenter got into. According to Uspenskaya, it is not Sobchak that should be pitied, but the families who have lost loved ones in an accident.

    Uspenskaya commented on the fatal accident with Sobchak / Photo: instagram.com/xenia_sobchak, instagram.com/uspenskayalubov_official

    The day before, Ksenia Sobchak was interrogated as a witness in the case of an accident in Sochi. And while the presenter and journalist is outraged that police officers photographed her in the courtyard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and sold the footage to journalists, singer Lyubov Uspenskaya defeated the star in her Instagram post.

    The artist noted that she would like to talk more not about Sobchak, but about those who cannot be returned. She emphasized that Ksenia is not the person with whom I would like to maintain friendly relations, but expressed sympathy for her.

    I express my regret to her that she was in this situation. But my opinion is unambiguous: you cannot rank people by wealth and social status. Money is far from the most important thing in life. I felt it myself. Ksenia is alive. It’s an unpleasant story for her, but she’s alive. First of all, it is worth talking about those who cannot be returned. And their lives are no less valuable than Ksenia Sobchak or my own, – wrote Lyubov Uspenskaya.

    The singer also expressed the idea that Ksenia, when she wrote the first post about the accident, “is not able to formulate her thoughts correctly,” therefore she spoke more “about herself and money: I have a concussion, I am worried, we will help.”

    I remembered Ouspenskaya and how Ksenia Sobchak allowed herself to assess the singer’s daughter:

    At one time, Ksenia spoke of my daughter as a spoiled, “golden” child. But my daughter, if she did harm, it was only within her family.

    What is known about the accident with Sobchak

    On Saturday, October 9, following from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana, Mercedes and Volkswagen collidedwhen the driver of the first car drove into the oncoming lane for overtaking. One of the Volkswagen passengers died on the spotwhile her friend and driver were hospitalized.

    Ksenia Sobchak was in one of the cars, in the passenger seat, and she herself was injured in a collision.

    The taxi driver in which Sobchak was traveling pleaded guilty to the fatal accident. He was charged and placed under house arrest for two months.

    For more information about the accident, see the plot:


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