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    The creator of Squid Game has some idea of ​​the reasons for its popularity

    Launched at the end of September on Netflix, the Korean series Squid Game is enjoying immense and unexpected enthusiasm. A cultural product based on a simple concept: 456 people, broke, compete in deadly trials until the last winner to win a large sum of money. A murderous competition to entertain a handful of extremely wealthy people. Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game would even have a game in the boxes, proof that Netflix wants to surf the unexpected success. But how does the program creator experience this global coverage? Interviewed by the Hollywood Reporter, the man has a little idea of ​​the reasons for the popularity of his series.

    Hwang Dong-hyuk talks about the global aim of his story or the trials that echo childhood.

    Credit: Netflix

    So many ingredients that allowed Squid Game to break records.

    A series with childish rules

    Hwang Dong-hyuk reveals that while writing Squid Game, global audiences were already being targeted. The creator of the hit Netflix series sums up his approach: “The children’s games featured in the series are those that make adults nostalgic, they are easy to understand events. So anyone who watches Squid Game, anywhere in the world, grasps the stakes very quickly ”.

    A simplicity allowing the emphasis on the psychology of the characters: “The viewers do not focus on understanding the rules but the inner feelings and the dynamics between the participants to immerse themselves in the experience, to show empathy. “.

    Despite the somber tone, Hwang Dong-hyuk wanted to create a series that was fun to watch while also asking questions of a violent and performance-obsessed society, competition.

    I wanted viewers to ask questions. How is my life Who am I among these characters, in what world do I live? I wanted to ask these questions. When you start the show, I want you to wonder what this story is.

    Hwang Dong-hyuk

    The pandemic did not escape the creator of Squid Game, citing the inequalities caused by the coronavirus. The man speaks of a “profoundly unjust and economically difficult world” and of “tougher competition with people pushed to the limit”. The spirit behind the show estimates that 90% of viewers will empathize and understand the show.


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