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    There was no money for the operation: Oleg Vinnik lost a loved one due to cancer and lack of funds

    It seems that the singer and star detective of the show “Mask” on the TV channel “Ukraine” Oleg Vinnik is always in a good mood. But he, like most people, had to go through very dramatic moments in his life.

    Oleg Vinnik spoke about the painful loss for the first time / Photo: instagram.com/olegg.vynnyk

    Last year, Oleg Vinnik, who will judge the final of the show “Sleep all!”, Had a coronavirus. And although he is a disease suffered in a mild form, after recovery, he had to undergo rehabilitation several times.

    Then the whole team Vinnik fell ill almost simultaneously. It turns out that grief happened in the team – from complications a young worker died.

    Oleg Vinnik first told how he survived this tragedy.

    You enter the office at night, turn on the light, walk down the corridor. Her office is open – we worked together, but I never talked to her about the personal, – Oleg Vinnik recalled in an interview. – She asked a colleague to bring her a computer to the hospital, she said that she wastes time there, wants to work. He brings her a computer, and she dies.

    And this is not the only heavy loss in the singer’s life. Now he is successful, but there were times when, due to a lack of funds, Oleg could not save a loved one.

    When your loved one was dying, you needed 50 thousand euros for an operation. Cancer. I didn’t have this money. And my loved one died, – the artist shared his painful memories.

    Since then, Oleg Vinnik has promised himself that he will always have money.

    Watch a new exclusive interview with Oleg Vinnik:



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