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    Fast and Furious: Dwayne Johnson thanked for exposing Vin Diesel’s behavior

    Fast Five marks a new start for Fast and Furious with the arrival of Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs, US diplomatic secret service agent. The supercharged character stalks Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel since 2001 (also producer of the franchise). With this feature film released in 2011, Fast and Furious enters a new multi-billion dollar era. After Fast Five, Luke Hobbs and Dominic Toretto collaborate to eliminate the biggest international threats, namely the Shaw brothers. But the character of The Rock does not return after the seventh episode (despite a short appearance in F9). An absence explained by the tension between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson outside the film sets while the characters are very friends.

    Years after a big argument, Dwayne Johnson looks back at this conflict in an interview for Vanity Fair (via ScreenRant).

    Credit: Universal Pictures

    The actor reveals that the Fast and Furious crew thanked him for exposing Vin Diesel’s behavior on set.

    Small words and discreet thanks

    Dwayne Johnson recently spoke to Vanity Fair about his career and future plans. The opportunity for the actor to reveal that after having denounced the behavior of Vin Diesel on the set, the members of the team came to thank him.

    These revelations sparked an explosion. Yet, in an interesting way… Each member of the team had found a way to come to me and quietly thank me, drop me a line.

    – Dwayne Johnson

    The Rock has never hidden having a bad relationship with Vin Diesel, producer of the franchise. While the former wrestler has since expressed regret over this major row, it’s interesting to see him come back to reveal that the team was on his side.

    The other Fast and Furious stars have remained silent about the conflict between the men. It must be said that as a big boss, Vin Diesel has the power to oust them from a multi-billion dollar franchise.


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