Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Secret Exposed!

Kylie Jenner is arguably the most popular celebrity in the world right now. But the star fashion celebrity has struggled hard to intensify her appearance with plastic surgery. Over the years Kylie has defended herself from the allegations raised by the people about her plastic surgeries. But as a popular figure who is constantly scrutinized for literally everything she does. She is very lighthearted about all the criticism, speculations, and rumors. But still fans want to know that how true are Kylie Jenner plastic surgery rumors?

Kylie Jenner Stance On Her Plastic Surgery Gossips:

The star along with her sister Kim Kardashian in an interview with ES Magazine revealed that she’s not against cosmetic treatments. However, she denied the speculations going on about her rhinoplasty and boob job. According to her, if cosmetic surgery can make one look good, then there is no issue in getting one. So one thing is for sure that there definitely something true in those Kylie Jenner plastic surgery speculations.

Kylie Already Admitted That She Has Had Lip Fillers:

Kylie Jenner has acknowledged that she has been frequently getting lip injections and fillers. From the time when she was only 15 years old. Her fuller lips have become the signature style of her personality.

Her followers are even speculating that she has fake boobs and butt. Like hood of her sibling Kim Kardashian, Kylie is also alleged to have gotten breast implants and other augmentations. So that she can keep her figure in the perfect shape.

To find out the reality of the cosmetic surgeries that Kylie Jenner has undergone, we have to draw a comparison between some of her “THEN” and “NOW” photos. The comparison will help us in identifying any hints. So, let’s get started!

Kylie Jenner Rhinoplasty Allegations:

Kylie’s nose appears to be very much different both in terms of shape and size if we compare the above photos. Back then the appearance of her nose was a bit wider. Furthermore, the tip of her nose seemed much bigger. However, you can notice that the nasal bone of her nose has been slimmed down in recent days. According to experts, this transformation is not possible without a Rhinoplasty surgery

Doesn’t matter what the reality is? We all know that Kylie can do great makeup to shape her nose. After all, she madly loves her contouring stuff! Out of which she builds a whole business empire.

Kylie Jenner Brow Lift Rumors:

Kylie simply loves to play around the shape of her eyebrows. For this reason, she started her own cosmetic brand exclusively. However, there are rumors that Kylie might have had eyelid surgery.

Even her eyes have changed a lot in recent years suggesting that the rumors might be true. There are also some possibilities of a brow lift to prevent droopy eyelids and sagging brows. So Kylie Jenner plastic surgery rumors are proving to be true till now.

Experts Believe That Kylie Has Had Facelift Surgery Too!

Several cosmetic experts believe that Kylie has gone through some face enhancement procedures. In the teenage years, the shape of her face was used to be square. Now it has transformed significantly to become much rounder and softer. Experts also think that she has had cheek filler and Botox to soften her face shape.


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