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How True Are Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Rumors?

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Ariana Grande has a drastic transformation over the years. So are Ariana Grande plastic surgery speculations true? We have revealed everything in this post.

Ariana Grande has again become the topic of discussion of fans as there are rumors all around that she has gone under another plastic surgery. The singer however via her twitter handle has denied all such rumors. Claiming that she never went under the knife throughout her career.

What’s Ariana Grande Take On Her Plastic Surgery Rumors?

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After being alleged for cosmetic surgeries multiple times, Ariana Grande still pleas that her body is free from “plastic” unlike many of the other showbiz celebrities. However, some people after seeing her photos still think that she likely has undergone cosmetic surgeries.

If you are one of her fans who have been following the singer for years then you must tell how her overall appearance has transformed completely over the years. Obvious changes can be seen in her body. From her brows and nose to her lips the transformation is dramatic. So as a fan, you might be curious to know the reality behind Ariana Grande plastic surgery rumors. Let’s take a look:

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Rumors

Ariana Grande Brow Lift:

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Ariana’s eyebrows back in 2009 were low on her forehead and closer to her eyes. The position of brows on her face compliments her with a stronger and masculine appearance. However, this look is somehow pretty ordinary in the grand scheme of things.

If we look at her photos after 2014, we will notice that her eyebrows are higher up on her forehead and that majorly sparks Ariana Grande plastic surgery rumors. With the new position of brows, Ariana’s face now appears feminine and softer. However, a side effect of this brow lift is that it made her eyelids appear larger. The fatty tissues and skin no longer weigh down her eyes.

Ariana Grande Nose Job:

In her initial days, Ariana Grande’s nose appears very clunky and almost bulbous. After seeing her before photos, you can notice that it has various dents, bumps, and curves. However, her photos after 2016 show that her nose is more refined and much sleeker. Furthermore, the tip of her nose appears to be much smaller and reshaped to slightly upward exposing her nostrils.

Ariana Grande Lip Fillers:

The first photo of her is of Nickelodeon days back in 2010. At that time Ariana Grande’s lips were ordinary-looking yet attractive. You can notice that her upper lip was a little thinner as compared to her lower lip and that’s quite evident that Ariana Grande plastic surgery news is very much possible.

In recent times, Ariana’s lips appear to be much fuller. So we can suggest that she might have taken lip fillers. Some people, however, call this an example of “trout pout” in lips are noticeably overfilled. No matter what’s the reality, Ariana still has very glamorous lips. sWe don’t know what type of filler Ariana has used. But one thing is for sure, her cosmetic surgeon did a remarkable job with no visible ridges or lumps.

Final Verdict:

After analyzing the Ariana Grande’s before and after photos show, we are pretty convinced that she has had several surgeries over the years. Surely, Ariana has modified her appearance to get a more feminine look. She is still very young and doesn’t need to have other anti-aging treatments or Botox for some time. But as of now we think that Ariana Grande plastic surgery gossips are somehow true!

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