Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery (Before vs After)

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery addiction has made her more popular than anything else and the whole world knows that!

Kim Kardashian arguably possesses one of the most famous and attractive figures in the world. However, it’s also her body and figure that has caused never-ending controversy over the last decade.

Kim Kardashian first made her public appearance on the screen in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. Ever since then, she has been a popular topic of discussion among people for her relationship, style, and of course, her figure.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery, The Most Controversial Thing About Her!

Kim Kardashian not only gained popularity with her body but also gained speculations about whether she altered her appearance through plastic surgery or not?

She recently responded to the gossips by saying that she never had a nose job in her entire life. However, she admitted that she had Botox back in 2010. But still, it is hard to believe of a 41 years old celebrity to appear as if she is still in her late twenties.

Her facial features, especially the eyebrows and nose do not seem natural at all. Furthermore, her body seems too different from what it was before she officially became a popular star celebrity. Let’s review some of the transformed features of her body to know how true are Kim Kardashian plastic surgery rumors?


Does Kim Kardashian Have a Nose Job Or Rhinoplasty?

Take your time and carefully analyze the above two photos of Kim. After comparing them you will realize that the appearance of his nose has slightly changed. According to Kim Kardashian, she never had rhinoplasty surgery.  However, she admitted using a few ingenious make-up techniques for the transformation of her nose.

Nevertheless, some of the plastic surgery experts find her nose thinner, shorter, and refined than before. For them, such major changes can only occur through a rhinoplasty. So it’s proven to some extent that Kim Kardashian plastic surgery is not just a speculation thing.

Is There Any Reality Behind Kim’s Brow Lift Rumors?

Every woman in this world knows that color, shape, and thickness are extremely important. Disfigure eyebrows can trouble the balance of your face. As it interferes with the entire appearance of the face, ultimately making it ugly. Most of the women have impeccable yet natural eyebrows that often require little touchup with makeup. However, some of them need a brow lift to make things perfect.

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery allegation list also includes a brow life surgery. Kim confessed that she used Botox before. Furthermore, she satisfied the curiosity of her fans and critics by displaying herself receiving injections live in her reality show. However, some experts still believe that she used more than just a Botox to lift her eyebrow.


Is There Anything Wrong With Kim Kardashian Nails?

It is not possible for us to deny that Kim Kardashian has some of the most beautiful toenails and finger in the world. However, the question is if they are natural or fake?

It wouldn’t be that much easy to know but as far as we know, she takes great care of her nails. That’s the reason why her nails are extremely healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Kim Kardashian might be using cosmetic product but a cosmetic surgery? We don’t think so! She loves to be allure and you will always see her in polished shape. From head to nails!

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