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Komarovsky explains why vaccination on the bus can be safer than in the hospital

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Now in every city of Ukraine there are mass vaccination centers where you can get your own dose of the drug. But is it hygienic to get vaccinated in shopping malls, buses and other locations?

Is it safe to vaccinate at mass vaccination centers – Komarovsky’s answer / Photo: Collage: Today

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Pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky says that mass vaccination points are a completely normal and safe practice.

The main condition for vaccination in such a center should be the ability to provide emergency medical care.

If you suddenly have anaphylactic shock, which may be in one out of a hundred thousand, then you need to inject certain drugs on time and these drugs should be available. If these drugs are in an ambulance or in a shopping center – get vaccinated, I don’t see any problem in this, – says Dr. Komarovsky in the studio of the program “Ukraine with Tigran Martirosyan” on the TV channel “Ukraine 24”.

The vaccination center should provide emergency medical care / Photo: YouYube
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This summer in Kiev, a passenger bus was converted into a vaccination center. It turns out that in such a place it can be several times safer to get a vaccine than in a hospital.

Sometimes the bus is safer than the corridor in the clinic, where you will meet a bunch of snotty children, says Komarovsky.

He added that the main thing is compliance with the sterility and storage conditions of the vaccine, then the place where the vaccination is carried out is no longer so important.

Watch the full interview with Evgeny Komarovsky:



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