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5 ways to get to work stress-free if you’re not vaccinated

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From October 21, there are new rules of travel in passenger transport, which runs between the areas of the “yellow”, “orange” and “red” zones. Without a vaccination passport or a negative PCR test result, people are refused to take. A similar innovation is possible in Kiev. We will tell you about 5 options on how to get around the capital if you have not been vaccinated

5 ways to get to work stress-free if you’re not vaccinated / Photo: Pexels

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Read the previous Today article for the new rules, effective October 21st.

Use scooters

Imagine getting to work without traffic jams and not getting into the crowd that surrounded you in transport. Because you have chosen a scooter that is given for use without a vaccination passport or a negative PCR test result. At least for now. You go with a breeze to the office and enjoy the Kiev views around. But one unresolved question remains in my thoughts: to be vaccinated or not.

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You are in no hurry to resolve the issue, because every day you like scooters more and more. But bad weather in November still motivates to sign up for a vaccination.

Run – get back to sports

Have you postponed going to the gym for a long time? The universe has done everything to make you return to the sport! When similar transport innovations are relevant in Kiev, you can start the morning sporty – run to work. You will not only save your budget, make your body embossed, but also have a positive effect on the environment.

Take a taxi

If scooters and sports are not your “topic”, then use a taxi. Expect your friends to call your lifestyle “dear rich”. But there is a minus – these are possible traffic jams and money spent on travel. And, of course, the pros: you can work while driving to the office from your smartphone or laptop. Improve your speaking skills, because most taxi drivers love to talk.

Go on foot

This advice is for those who live close to the office and know what the “magic of the morning” is. Agree with colleagues or friends about a place to meet, grab a coffee and walk together to the office in morning Kiev.

Think about your childhood hobbies

How about roller skates or a bike that you loved as a kid? Choose one of these travel options and start your morning with positive emotions. Also, you will not know what traffic jams are, because you have your own transport.

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