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Architect Tobias Nöfer on Friedrichstrasse: “Priority for one means of transport is wrong in the city center”

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Mr. Nöfer, Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse has been open to traffic again since Wednesday due to a ruling by the administrative court. In the home of Mobility Senator Bettina Jarasch, preparations are underway to convert it into a pedestrian zone. The previous experiment, in which the pedestrian zone was combined with a cycle expressway, did not work there. what went wrong
There was no overall concept. Actionism was started that was not based on an analysis of the situation, but was a political statement. Friedrichstadt is a network, and if you suddenly emphasize a line or take it out, there will be consequences. In Germany we have extensive experience with pedestrian zones, which always produce an explicit front and back, and then with delivery traffic and rubbish.

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