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Departure to new worlds: Paramount+ starts in Germany with a new Star Trek series

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No idea how many galaxies are already behind us, the first contact with new life forms is always like a dream. With these words, the twelfth Star Trek series “Strange New Worlds” begins. Once again, the Enterprise penetrates into galaxies “that no man has seen before”. It was therefore obvious that the streaming service Paramount+ would not least start with this series in Germany.

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Paramount+ belongs to the third generation of subscription streaming services. AppleTV+, Disney+, RTL+ and Joyn followed on Netflix and Amazon, and Peacock and Paramount+ will be added in 2022. Florian Kerkau, streaming expert at the market research company Goldmedia, calculates that Paramount+ in particular has a good chance of finding its place in the ever-narrowing market.

“Paramount+ will not be able to match Amazon Prime and Netflix in the foreseeable future, but in the fight for number three in Germany I see the new service as a direct competitor to Disney+ – especially since the content is similar, not least in the children’s segment.” from Paramount+, Kerkau also counts children’s titles such as “Paw Patrol” in addition to “Star Trek” and blockbusters such as “Top Gun: Maverick”.

A fateful legacy

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The price of €7.99 a month or €79.90 for an annual subscription is moderate, and Sky Cinema subscribers can even access Paramount+ content at no additional cost. The service will be represented with a channel on Amazon Prime.

One of the interesting original start titles is the German in-house production “Der Scheich” by Dani Levy (“Alles auf Zucker”). In the eight-part imposter story, the protagonist pretends to be the heir of an Arab sheikh and, fatally, finds the ear of a desperate Swiss businessman.

Back to Star Trek. The new spin-off is infused with the spirit of the very first series from the 1960s. Captain of the Enterprise was not James T. Kirk at first, but Christopher Pike. The same Pike, who was already rediscovered for “Star Trek: Discovery”, is now in command on the bridge of what is probably the most famous spaceship in TV history. “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” will be continued after a double episode at the beginning with two new episodes a week.

The series is set in the vastness of space, but not in a vacuum. His last mission was apparently traumatic for Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), which is not explained in more detail at first. But when duty calls, Pike and his crew are there. Joining the rescue mission for sister ship Archer are Lieutenant Spock (Ethan Peck) and Cadet Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding).

A classic “Star Trek” plot, as written by series creator Gene Roddenberry himself. On the one hand, the departure for new worlds: On the planet Kiley, the crew of the Enterprise meets a society in transition to space travel. On the other side conflicts like in the here and now of the human present: With tumult scenes in front of the Capitol as a warning of unexpected escalations. Behind the series are Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet. Goldsman also wrote and directed the first episode.

Strange New Worlds continues Roddenberry’s ideas for better and for worse. The series is based on hope for a better future. At the same time, humanity is once again presented as the most technologically and morally developed society. Other science fiction authors were already further along.

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