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    What brought Alina Grosu and Roman Polyansky closer together – the recognition of the actor

    Alina Grosu and Roman Polyansky first announced that they were in a relationship, only in May of this year. At the same time, fans attributed the novel to them for a long time.

    / Photo: instagram.com/alina_grosu

    Feelings between the singer and the actress were born not immediately after meeting. They met on the set of Alina Grosu’s video, but at that time Roman was still married and raised a daughter. The relationship between the singer and the actor was initially only friendly. Roman Polyansky in an exclusive interview with the Zirkovy Shlyakh program on the Ukraine TV channel said what brought them closer to Alina Grosu.

    The artists became friends after Polyansky first appeared in Grosu’s video.

    We began to talk, I realized that it was as if I had known her all my life, – said the actor.

    Alina Grosu and Roman Polyansky

    Alina Grosu and Roman Polyansky / Photo: Instagram

    Polyansky denied that he divorced his wife because of Grosu… According to the actor, the discord with his ex-wife began earlier.

    Roman Polyansky with his ex-wife and daughter

    Roman Polyansky with his ex-wife and daughter / Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

    By the way, it is pproblems in family life brought Roman Polyansky and Alina Grosu closer together. After all, the singer already then began to collapse with her husband.

    At this moment, somehow they began to communicate a little more and apparently began to converge, – the actor admitted.

    The couple now lives together. Polyansky for the sake of Grosu moved to Kiev. Also, the actor has already managed to introduce his beloved to his daughter Martha.

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