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    Top 5 autumn procedures for beauty and health – how to choose the right one

    Autumn is the time for peels, oil massages, saunas, herbal baths and more. What procedures must have this fall – in the material

    Important autumn beauty and health treatments include lip scrub and herbal baths. / Photo: Collage: Today

    With the onset of cold weather, our skin and body need special care than in the summer. Also, autumn is a time of blues and stress, exacerbation of chronic ailments, so it is important to pamper yourself with relaxing procedures more often. Which of them (or all at once) to choose for yourself – the massage therapist, consultant for beauty practices, Maria Altukhova helped to figure it out.

    Maria Altukhova

    Maria Altukhova / Photo: press service

    Why does our body need special care in the fall?

    With the onset of cold weather our rhythm of life is changing, the weather is getting worse, the daylight hours are getting shorter, the diet is changing. Also, autumn and winter are the time of seasonal colds, which take a lot of vitality. Plus the stress of intense work, study, and so on.

    In autumn, it is important not to forget about procedures that support health and relax the nervous system.

    In autumn, it is important not to forget about procedures that support health and relax the nervous system. / Photo: unsplash.com

    Cold air, wind, frost dries the skin of the hands, lips and face, which has not yet recovered from everyone after the attack of the summer sun. A sedentary lifestyle and household stress, suffered from ARVI weaken our nervous and muscular systems.

    What procedures are good to do in the fall?

    Therefore, in the fall it is important take proper care of your skinand also do not forget about the procedures that support health and relax the nervous system.

    № 1 – sauna or bath

    Sauna, bath, steam room – all these thermal procedures will help stimulate the immune system, which is especially important in the cold season, relax muscles, deeply relax the body and mind. Due to high temperatures, blood flow to the skin increases, pores open, nutrients penetrate better into the subcutaneous layer and surface tissues. Therefore, after the sauna, various nourishing masks for the skin “come in” well.

    Sauna, steam room or steam room will help stimulate the immune system, relax muscles, refresh the skin

    Sauna, steam room or steam room will help stimulate the immune system, relax muscles, refresh the skin / Photo: Pexels

    Sauna restrictions – these are infectious diseases in an acute form (with a high temperature), diseases of the heart and blood vessels, especially with high and low blood pressure. Also, do not take a sauna for pregnant women, women during menstruation, children.

    Do not drink alcohol before and during procedures, and vice versa water or herbal tea – it is important to avoid dehydration. And listen to your feelings, do not stay in the steam room too long to avoid heatstroke.

    No. 2 – oil massages

    Oil massage came to us from Eastern culture: today there are many such practices from Thai or Tibetan oil massage, to normal lymphatic drainage, in which, instead of a massage cream, heated sesame oil, grape seed or others (but not essential) are used.

    For oil massage, heated oil is used instead of cream.

    For oil massage, heated oil is used instead of cream. / Фото: Pixabay

    Penetrating into the skin oils make it more elastic and healthy. A number of deeper health-improving processes are also observed – normalization of the nervous system, improvement of metabolism, stress relief, normalization of the sleep cycle, etc.

    In addition to massage with a specialist, you can independently, after a bath or warm shower, apply various cosmetic oils to the heated skin. It is only important to know in advance are there any allergies to them well, go for a massage, if you have a cold, you have menstruation, an inflamed rash or abrasions on your skin – of course not worth it. Pampered the body – let’s move on to the face and hands.

    No. 3 – autumn peels

    The task of any peeling cleanse deep layers of skin, even out complexion, tighten pores, increase firmness and give skin a healthy, fresh look. Autumn is the best time for peeling, because the bright sun no longer bothers us and after the procedure, you can not be afraid of pigmentation.

    Yes, there are modern peels, after which you can contact with the sun and do not be afraid that spots will appear on the skin. But in the cold season, deeper procedures are done – such as midline, retinoic peels (on average – from mid-October to early April). ⠀

    What kind of peeling is right for you and how many procedures need to be done is determined by the cosmetologist, – says Maria Altukhova. In general, peeling procedures for the treatment of acne and post-acne are also selected by a cosmetologist-dermatologist.

    What can you do at home? Peeling at home You can do it, and there are even special products for surface peels on sale: these are usually enzyme peels, wipes with AHA acids (alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids). But be sure to consult a cosmetologist before such even a home procedure. And, of course, it is important to properly care for the skin of the hands and lips in the fall.

    Why the skin of the hands and lips in the fall – special attention

    Why not a face? Autumn facial skin care is a matter that is important and should be started in the beautician’s office. You need to understand your skin type, existing problems, tendency to allergies, etc. And only then the specialist will recommend a care according to your skin type. In the meantime, you are just going to the beautician, take care of the skin of your hands and lips.

    No. 5 – scrubs and lip and hand care

    In autumn, remember to wear gloves, try to avoid too hot water, wash the dishes with protective gloves. These simple tips will help you avoid dermatitis and peeling of the skin. Apply a nourishing cream to your hands before going outside. And to renew the skin, activate metabolic processes in the skin of the hands and so that your hands always look their best, don’t forget about scrubs.

    Don't forget the nourishing cream after applying and rinsing your hand scrub

    Don’t forget the nourishing cream after applying and rinsing your hand scrub / Photo: freepik.com

    You can buy a ready-made hand scrub or make it yourself: take cream or butter, dairy products, honey as a basis (remember about allergies to some of them). For scrub use coffee, sugar, oatmeal, finely ground cereals.

    The particles should be small enough so as not to damage the skin, so the cereals can be ground in a coffee grinder. To do homemade lip scrub, you can also use sugar, coffee, ground cereals, and sea salt. The base is the same, oil, honey. Remember to soften your lips before applying the product. This is best done with a regular cotton pad. Just moisten with hot water, apply to lips and wait a couple of minutes.

    We apply the scrub very gently and carefully so that microcracks do not appear. And you should not often injure the skin with this procedure: a hand scrub at home should be done no more than 1 time a week, – says Maria, – And do not go outside immediately after the procedure. You can use lip scrubs no more than 2 times a week. Remember that the skin on the lips is very delicate and can be injured very easily.

    No. 5 – herbal baths

    And a great way to take care of yourself and relax – take a herbal bath… This procedure acts not only on the skin, it helps to relax, warm up, breathe in the healing aromas of herbs. On average, a bath is taken for half an hour, but some herbs are “enough” for only 5-10 minutes.

    Baths with pine, eucalyptus, rosemary will help you relax and fall asleep faster

    Baths with pine, eucalyptus, rosemary will help you relax and fall asleep faster / Photo: freepik.com

    The temperature for such a bath should be at average 34 degrees, maybe someone likes it hot, but here again, start from your state of health. You cannot take a bath at all if you are sick and the temperature has risen above 37 degrees. This will provoke an even greater inflammatory process.

    Also be careful with hot water should be for diseases of the heart, blood vessels, during menstruation and during pregnancy. Brew the selected set of herbs (pour boiling water for 15 minutes), then fill the bath with water, add the broth and – immerse yourself. You can also use essential oils and bath salts: they must first be dripped onto the salt and then dipped into the water.

    Hops, lavender, yarrow will calm the nerves, strengthen the immune system and stimulate the skin, relieve mild inflammation – rosemary, mint, sage, chamomile. Lime and burdock will help unclog pores, calendula, chamomile, horsetail are good for blood vessels. And pine, eucalyptus, rosemary will help to relax and fall asleep faster. With acne useful baths with juniper, pine buds, thyme and sage.

    Also earlier we wrote about what are the autumn peelings.




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