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    Squid Game: Hwang Dong-hyuk responds to a disappointed Lebron James at the end

    For NBA fans, the talents of Lebron James aka the King are not up for debate. On the other hand, when the latter gives his opinion on the phenomenon Squid Game series, it is something else.

    Indeed, the creator of the South Korean series, Hwang-Dong-hyuk, recently responded to him regarding his appreciation of the Squid Game finale. In the words of the NBA star, he was indeed disappointed with the end of the first season.

    Image from rokastenys by 123RF.COM

    To which Hwang Dong-hyuk replied in a way that was to say the least… caustic.

    An end that made a lot of talk about her

    Squid Game, like any cinematographic work, is open to criticism and appreciation. As good mortals that we are, points of view diverge, some cheering, others putting their two cents in. And even though Squid Game was very popular, the series was no exception.

    Moreover, this famous final made a lot of talk about it. Critics were mostly aimed at an underdeveloped plot, a lot of unanswered questions about the characters, etc. But at the end of the day, the end of the story still belongs to its creator. And according to Hwang Dong-Hyuk, he wanted it that way.

    The King has “only to make his own final”

    It’s a safe bet that the four-time NBA champion didn’t expect Hwang-Dong-hyuk’s scathing response. Answer he gave in an interview with The Guardian.

    Basically, to use the latter’s reply, if Lebron James did not like his end, he only has to make an end that satisfies him and lay the sequel that goes with it. A little roundabout way of saying: let everyone stay in their place.

    As you can imagine, the clash between these two has not gone unnoticed on social networks. That said, to remain optimistic, the South Korean designer’s reply may be an invitation to the King to create something at least as good as what he has made. To the best of my mind!



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