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Razzies apologize for naming 12-year-old girl

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Sometimes you act without thinking and then you get noticed and you understand. This is what the Razzies were created for.

Recent criticism of the choice of 12-year-old Armstrong as a nominee in the worst actress category caught our attention. about the insensitivity we have shown. Therefore, we have withdrawn his name from the final vote that our members will take next month.

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We also present our public apologies to Mrs. Armstrong and we want to tell him that we regret the consequences of our action.

Armed with this lesson, we are announcing that from now on we are adopting a directive which prohibits any artist or director under the age of 18 for the Razzies.

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We never intended to bury anyone’s career. This is what our redemption trophy award was created for. We make mistakesincluding us.

Since our motto is Own your bad » (note, “ Own up to your mistakes ” in VF), we are aware that we must rise to the occasion.


John Wilson

Source: Fredzone

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