Moderation by native speakers: Arte shows new Europe magazine in several languages

Arte is expanding its range of information in several languages ​​with the digital magazine “Arte Europa – Die Woche”. As the German-French TV broadcaster announced, the magazine will be moderated in German, French, English and Spanish by journalists who are native speakers.

“Every Saturday we summarize what is currently moving Europeans” – that is the motto. There are also versions with Italian, Polish, Greek and Hungarian subtitles to reach more viewers on the continent.

“This is a giant step for us,” said Arte-Journal editor-in-chief Carolin Ollivier of the German Press Agency in Strasbourg. She emphasized that the contributions from “Arte Europa – Die Woche” not only appear on Saturdays on the website, but are also played on the broadcaster’s YouTube channels.

“There are also European media involved. We have created a network with it,” said Ollivier. The media are “El País” in Spain, “Le Soir” in Belgium, “Gazeta Wyborcza” in Poland, “Internazionale” in Italy, “Kathimerini” in Greece and “Telex” in Hungary. They make the contributions available to their audience.

“Arte Europa – Die Woche” is accessed most in Germany in a country comparison, summarized Ollivier. Since the start at the end of last year, there have been around 1.2 million video views across all distribution channels and in all languages.

“It’s a good start,” said the Arte editor-in-chief. According to the broadcaster, the format benefits from financial support from the EU. (dpa)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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