Annual bestseller in France: climate comic tops book sales lists

With almost 525,000 copies sold, the climate comic “Endless World” was at the top of the 2022 French annual literature charts. As the specialist journal “Livres Hebdo” reported in its February 2023 issue, the graphic novel has thus left top fiction titles by authors such as Joël Dicker and Pierre Lemaître behind.

In Germany, the work was published in the spring of last year by the Berliner Reprodukt-Verlag. Here is the Tagesspiegel review of the volume. In this country, however, according to information from the publisher, the volume only achieved four-digit sales figures.

“Livres Hebdo” relies on the latest figures from the market research company GfK. The approximately 200-page book comes from the comic author and illustrator Christophe Blain and the climate expert Jean-Marc Jancovici.

Another page from “Endless World. From the energy miracle to climate change”.
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The French were very concerned about energy in 2022, said Managing Director Stéphane Aznar of the trade journal, explaining the unique success of the science comic. The book deals with our ambiguous relationship with energy and its implications for global warming, he told radio station France Inter. (dpa)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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