Massimo Nava tells Angela Merkel

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 30 – MASSIMO NAVA, ANGELA MERKEL. THE WOMAN WHO CHANGED HISTORY (Rizzoli, pp. 372, 19 euros). An exceptional woman, very reserved in the private sector – so much so as to be an enigma for historians and biographers – but whose public life is among the most documented in the world; an undisputed leader, absolute protagonist of the recent history of Europe, often indispensable, sometimes contested, never defeated. Massimo Nava offers a passionate and all-round portrait in his “Angela Merkel”, published by Rizzoli, a book in which he tells the life of the outgoing German chancellor. At the helm of Germany for 16 years – during which she faced the sovereign debt crisis, Greece’s financial chaos, waves of migration, as well as the environmental crisis, international terrorism and the pandemic – she managed to hold together in a delicate balance between German interests and European ideals, sometimes acting on impulse in the face of exceptional circumstances. With a flowing and engaging prose, Nava outlines the personality of the chancellor, analyzing from the right perspective the political action and choices adopted in recent years. “Fate and character influence the story of each individual. In the case of leaders, they add to the ability to go beyond the everyday, to become visionaries without being naive,” writes the author. (HANDLE).


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