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Quentin Tarantino’s very last film: Rendezvous with a Critic

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The last film Quentin Tarantino plans to release will be called The Movie Critic. At least that’s the title of the screenplay that the director just finished. Filming is scheduled to begin in the fall.

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According to industry publication The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported on the project, the film will be set in 1970s Los Angeles and will have a female lead.

Tarantino has been planning his retirement for some time. When he released his western The Hateful Eight in 2014, he announced that he would retire after his tenth feature film and that he would be 60 years old.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) was his ninth film if you count the two Kill Bills as one title. On March 23, the soon-to-be-no longer director will celebrate his 60th birthday.

“Directors don’t get better as they get older,” Tarantino said in a Playboy interview. “Usually the worst movies in their filmography are the last four at the end. I’m all about my filmography, and one bad film ruins three good ones.”

Tarantino, that much is certain, will leave behind an almost flawless oeuvre, which includes not only outstanding films like “Pulp Fiction” or “Jackie Brown” but also weaker ones like “Death Proof”. But none is really bad.

The Hollywood Reporter speculates that The Movie Critic could become a tribute to Pauline Kael. Considered the most influential American film critic and mentor of the New Hollywood generation, Kael has lived most of her life in New York.

But in the late 1970s she was working as a consultant for Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. For Tarantino, who is also trying his hand at film criticism with his book “Cinema Speculation”, this sounds like new territory. Perhaps his last film will be his bloodiest.

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