Disney+’s X-Men series reveals its story, Magneto joins the good

things start slow to improve for mutants even if the Friends of Humanity still have mule cuts and get involved. The X-Men must wonder what the future holds. Cyclone and Tornado want to pursue their dream, they recruited Morph and Bishop to become members of the team.

Other X-Men like Jean Grey, Gambit, and Rogue begin to wonder if there is life. We fought to be accepted, can we just go outside and enjoy it? Of course, someone arrives, Magneto, who feels a bit like ” You know, Charles Xavier, he did a good deed for mutants. I want to follow in their footsteps, be on the side of good for them “.

Of course, the X-Men turn to the future and we’re going to talk a lot about it. How to face the future? How do mutants do what they’ve been saying for decades, which is to embrace the future?

Beau DeMayo

Source: Fredzone

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