“Achtung Berlin” film festival: Love and other diversities

Where does love go, please – and what should it actually be? At the opening of “Achtung Berlin” on April 12 in the Colosseum cinema, Bettina Blümner’s Cuba road movie “Vamos a la Playa” alludes to one of the themes that run through the film festival: longing, the challenge and the dark side of relationships.

Ten feature films and ten documentaries present the competitions of the week-long festival, including Timo Müller’s documentary “Roter Berg” about a hermit who lives in a rock hut above a main road, and the world premieres “Monolith”, a night taxi tour through Berlin by Julius Schulteiß, as well as Kolja Malik’s Brandenburg trip “Las Vegas”.

The feature films “sometimes humorous, sometimes surreal, sometimes painfully explore questions about one’s own ego and its self-image between desire and reality,” according to the directors Regina Kräh and Sebastian Brose.

The medium-length films include several directorial debuts by actors, such as Céline Yildirim’s MeToo Cannes story “Tagtraum” and Sebastian Urzendowsky’s father-son story “Schutzbefohlen”. “Hasenheide 45/46” promises discussion material about a film student who is stuck with his project in the pandemic and who has the ousted DFFB director Ben Gibson jumping to his side. More information about the festival, which takes place in nine cinemas: achtungberlin.de. (tsp)

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