Let the puppets dance: Till Lindemann’s circus show is making a guest appearance in Berlin

“Here you can see what kind of games nature likes to play and what strange people live on our earth”. The crier announces the “abnormalities”, the man with the bulldog head, the twins that have grown together, the gorilla girl, the giant and the others, who in Ödön von Horváth’s sad fairground ballad “Kasimir and Karoline” act as freaks to the amusement of the visitors: inside let show. The famous playwright, always on the side of the so-called little people, invented these characters for the opposite reason. To tell of the tiresome human tendency to look down on others.

It is not known whether Rammstein singer Till Lindemann is a big Horváth fan. In any case, he has now also come up with a curiosity revue: “The Greatest Comedian Freak Show”, to be seen in the circus Flic Flac on the “Zentralen Festplatz” in Berlin, on the ass of the heath, the Jungfernheide to be precise. The Flic-Flac tent is right next to a fair, but no man with a bulldog head appears on either side, and no Till Lindemann either. At least for the first preview of the freak show, the prominent pyro and porn poet didn’t show up, which is a shame.

Actually, one might have expected that he would rent one of the jacuzzis every evening, which are located directly on the stage in the Flic Flac circus as an alternative seating offer. For a flat rate of 9999 euros, viewers can have it filled with 400 liters of sparkling wine instead of water and bathe in it. A horrible thought, but good, not only nature likes to play strange games from time to time.

Body Trapeze, one of the “Greatest Comedian Freak Show” acts.
© United Images / Frank Altmann

It’s hard to say how much of this “Greatest Comedian Freak Show” actually grew out of Lindemann’s crap, the posters say “after an idea by”, he himself can be seen as a painted circus director or cab driver.

Kay Ray hates political correctness

Either way: the evening begins with a wow effect. A gap opens in the space-time continuum, and out falls a cabaret artist from the early 1980s. He calls himself Kay Ray, throws the Z and N words around, insults Muslim, gay and obese people and generally finds “political correctness” really stupid. He says he just came “from the Biopuff – with women from the region”. Postscript: “One is no longer unsprayed”.

what to say If it says freak show on it, there is freak show in it. Maybe the man is just trying to apply for an appearance with Dieter Nuhr. Or with Jan Böhmermann, difficult to separate.

A dog face on the bottom

Even if Kay Ray isn’t there, the evening would like to deviate from the conventional. In a very gut-fixated way, one has to say. A performer named Duckie L’Orange walks around barking with her pants down, she has painted a dog’s face on her bottom, later sausages play a role.

The duo Daredevil Chicken Club performs a costume change number that ends with the man jumping naked over the beds at the edge of the stage, which can also be rented for those in need of extra comfort (169 euros).

Finally, two Australian artists perform an act entitled “Pupetry of the Penis” that does exactly what the title promises. They knead the penis and scrotum together into comical figures, show the art of sack-folding origami and act out famous music videos (“Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus) with small figures on the testicles.

With some Lindemann song, the evening releases the visitors into the night. And with the question of how Ödön von Horvàth would have liked this show.

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