New remuneration concept at RBB: directors will earn less in the future

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) is drawing further consequences from its crisis and is adjusting the remuneration of executives. Future directors in the public ARD broadcaster earn less than before, as the RBB confirmed on Wednesday at the request of dpa and Tagesspiegel. Your salary will then be below the previous basic salary.

New remuneration concept

At the beginning of the week, the RBB Board of Directors decided on a new remuneration concept for the non-tariff sector. This also includes reducing the number of non-tariff employees from 31 to 17. This should help ensure that RBB no longer has a disproportionately large number of non-tariff employees in comparison to the ARD. For this, however, existing AT contracts have to be adjusted, or their beneficiaries have to forego money.

According to RBB information, the pension for future directors has also been abolished. Retirement benefit means that you receive money even after the end of the employment relationship until you retire. Instead, if necessary, there should be a temporary transitional payment if a contract is not continued.

The RBB crisis is essentially about allegations of nepotism and waste against the director Patricia Schlesinger, who was fired without notice, and the resigned chief supervisor Wolf-Dieter Wolf. Both rejected the allegations. The Berlin Attorney General is still investigating. In the midst of the crisis since the summer of 2022, the directors of the management at the time also came into focus. Gradually it turned out that there was a non-transparent bonus system. Pension regulations also came into focus. None of the management at that time is currently in office.

However, because in the course of the dismissed directors from the Schlesinger era there were repeated irritations as to whether Augenstein, Brandtäter & Co. still received money from the broadcaster, its press office made it clear on Wednesday: “The answer is in all cases: No. There are no more payments to you from rbb.” The proceedings that have been started before the labor court in Berlin will show whether this will remain the case. (with dpa)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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