Daredevil Born Again will be as violent as the Netflix series despite Disney

It was also one of my concerns because the Netflix series is so raw and brutal, You know ? But I’ve started looking at what Marvel has been doing lately with their shows and where they want to go.

all i can say […] is that if you look at all the brutal things that Marvel has done, which are few but are there, they will be there for Daredevil Born Again Also. I think what fans loved about the Netflix series is that there’s no violence just for violence’s sake. It was shocking at times but emotionally driven on the part of Charlie Cox and me. Matt Murdock and Kingpin are very emotional characters caught up in this life of their own. So the show will answer all of that for the fans.

We will put the package and we will have as well emotional violence than outright physical violence.

Vincent D’Onofrio

Source: Fredzone

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