Same procedure: No agreement between Brandtäter and RBB

It’s now a ritual. Every conciliation appointment that is scheduled in the dispute between the dismissed management of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) and the broadcaster before the Berlin Labor Court does not bring an agreement. This is also the case with the dismissed administrative director Hagen Brandstätter. The 64-year-old is resisting his dismissal in the midst of the RBB crisis. Brandstäter himself did not appear in court on Friday, he was represented by a lawyer. The labor court in Berlin set a chamber date for September 1st. Brandstätter’s contract would actually run until the end of April. He has worked for RBB since 2003.

Questionable Allowance

At the beginning of the year it became known that directors of the station received an allowance around the time that the house chaired the entire ARD community. The ARD described the occurrence as unusual. The point of contention is also the pension, which is in Brandstätter’s contract. Retirement benefit means that you receive money after the end of your contract and also before you retire.

The RBB scandal since the summer of 2022 is essentially about allegations of nepotism and waste against the director Patricia Schlesinger, who was fired without notice, and the resigned chief supervisor Wolf-Dieter Wolf. Both rejected the allegations. The Berlin Attorney General is investigating. Investigations have also been launched against the legal director and the administrative director.

After her dismissal without notice, the former director Schlesinger also went to the Berlin district court and demanded payment of her company pension. A date is not yet known. No dismissed member of the former top station receives money from the RBB. (with dpa)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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