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Paola Maugeri, her ‘workbook’ to become better

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(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 09 – PAOLA MAUGERI, PROFESSION TO BE HUMAN. THE EXERCISE BOOK (RIZZOLI ILLUSTRATI, PP. 320, EURO 19.90) An interactive book, an agenda, an “exercise book” to get to know yourself and become better. On 10 November ‘Professione being human’, published by Rizzoli Illustrati, in which Paola Maugeri leads her readers by the hand, in a daily exercise, in order not to lose sight of her own life and become the helmsmen of her own ship, despite everyday life. by which we all seem overwhelmed by now.

Historical face of MTV, radio host, writer, podcaster, popularizer of a conscious lifestyle, Maugeri, nicknamed “the lady of rock” for her musical culture, moved to Sweden, her dream, in June 2021. She is a mother and lives in Malmö. In ‘Profession being human’ he teaches us that with our constancy, with our self-denial and will, we can make the world a better place, day after day. Provided that we become better human beings first. We therefore begin to spend a few minutes every day to stop and reflect, to note, together with the commitments of everyday life, how we feel and in which direction we are going, so as not to lose the compass and conquer the duty and the right to be happy.

The passion for music and the spiritual search for Maugeri have always traveled hand in hand, reinforced by the words and examples of some of the greatest rock stars with whom Paola has conversed: from Bono to Patti Smith, from Lou Reed to Coldplay to Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. In our country she was a pioneer in the field of sustainability and in 2010 she lived for a whole year with zero impact with her family, an experience that she recounted in her best seller ‘My life with zero impact’ (Mondadori). In 2019 he launched his #Pmconfidential podcast from which the #Professioneessereumano community originated, at the top of the charts with over half a million plays and the community is fed by over 21,000 people who understood how to improve the world you need to start from yourself same. (HANDLE).

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