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    Exhibitions: Oppi and Martini, the art that met photography

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    (ANSA) – MILAN, 10 NOV – From the confrontation of two artists both born in 1889, united by one of the most interesting debates of the twentieth century, the relationship between traditional arts and the new medium, photography, gives rise to an exhibition opened on 11 November to December 2 at the Orsi Gallery in Milan. Protagonists of the exhibition (organized by Amedeo Porro and with free admission), Ubaldo Oppi and Arturo Martini, who experimented with a new approach in portraiture, very close to the way of representing reality, typical of the photographic medium. However, also risking denunciations, as happened in 1925 to Oppi, accused by the Milanese Artistic Family of having copied from a photograph the work he had exhibited at the Pesaro Gallery and at the same time sold to the Civic Collections of the city of Milan, a naked woman standing, entitled ‘Evening of Romagna’.

    Very similar formations and characters, Oppi and Martini, the first born in Bologna, the second in Treviso, died the same year in 1942. The exhibition dedicated to them revolves around the juxtaposition of two works that have a pivotal role in their path – The Serene Poverty by Ubaldo Oppi and La Nena by Arturo Martini. Among the other works on display, the masterpiece entitled La Poverty serena, an oil on cardboard 100×70 cm, painted by Oppi after the war, returned from the Mauthausen concentration camp (opened by the Austrians in 1918) where he had been imprisoned for a few months. . By Arturo Martini, a ceramic, a bronze and six terracottas are on display, including Woman lying down from 1929/1930, a unique specimen, previously unpublished and therefore on display to the public for the first time. (HANDLE).

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