Massimo Lopez and Tullio Solenghi depart from Bologna

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 11 NOV – Massimo Lopez and Tullio Solenghi leave from the Teatro Duse in Bologna with their Show that will see them around in theaters all over Italy after the stop due to the pandemic. The duo, in Bologna on 12 November at 9pm and 1pm at 4pm and 9pm, comes together after fifteen years: two old friends who find themselves in a show of which they are interpreters and authors, assisted by the live music of the Jazz Company Orchestra by Gabriele Comeglio. Massimo Lopez & Tullio Solenghi Show is a crackling roundup of voices, imitations, sketches, musical performances, improvisations and interactions with the public.

Among the various cameos, the meeting between Pope Bergoglio (Massimo) and Pope Ratzinger (Tullio) in an exhilarating curtain of domestic life, the musical duets by Gino Paoli and Ornella Vanoni, and the most recent one by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

In almost two hours of show, Solenghi and Lopez, as old stage foxes, offer themselves to the audience with the hilarious and emotional empathy of their unmistakable ‘trademark’. “This show of ours – explain the two actors – was born almost for fun, with the desire to get back together on stage after a long time, playing with our tools of the trade, sketches, imitations, fragments of theater, parodies, which collects our best performances of the recent ‘Tale and Which Show’.

Knowing that “the encounter with our public contains in itself an emotional value that is not taken for granted”. “Every time the curtain opens, in fact, it is as if magically we find ourselves among relatives, almost every spectator has a moment of his life linked to us, linked to the Trio”. In fact, the Duo, until 2016, the year of Anna Marchesini’s death, was actually a Trio.

“So, every evening, in addition to fun – they conclude – we share with our audience an emotional involvement that reaches its peak in the memory of Anna, two minutes of pure emotion, even if her two former playmates, Tullio and Massimo, they feel her presence on stage for the entire two hours of the show “. (HANDLE).


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