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    Apparently, North Koreans are also watching Squid Game

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    Since its release on Netflix, the Squid Game series has been a huge hit with viewers around the world. The fame of the series has even reached North Korea where the media are however strictly censored. Series and films from the West are banned there and those who break the rules risk the death penalty.

    Despite the risks involved, many North Koreans have secretly watched the series. In fact, Squid Game is said to have become very popular with the population because people can relate to the characters, especially when it comes to risking their lives for money.

    Squid Game on TV
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    According to reports, copies of the hit Netflix series have been smuggled into North Korea across the border.

    People identify with the characters in the series

    A resident of Pyongsong city told Radio Free Asia that Squid Game arrived in the country on USB drives and SD cards. These were smuggled in by boat before being transported to land.

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    For the resident, the broadcast would be particularly relevant for government officials. According to him, these people know that they can be executed at any time if the government decides to make an example of them for making too much money. This does not, however, prevent them from continuing to work to earn as much money as possible.

    The series is popular with the wealthy, but also with young people who are especially drawn to scenes of violence. Some may even identify with one of the characters who is a North Korean escapee. Smugglers are also interested in Squid Game and don’t hesitate to risk their lives to bring the series to North Korea.

    Apparently people watch the show at night and use portable media players that they put under their covers.

    Strict rules against the influence of the West

    In North Korea, the “Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture” law, introduced last year, prohibits viewing of Western media. Anyone who breaks this law can be executed. This law would be strictly enforced. However, it is now easier to bribe officials because of the increase in poverty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The government is making great efforts to suppress the influence of the West and is using all means to achieve this. For example, text messages from students have been checked. Last year, people were also punished for using a popular phrase from a South Korean program.

    Regarding Squid Game, the North Korean media said in October that it was “an example of the bestial nature of South Korean capitalist society where humanity is wiped out by extreme competition.”


    Source From: Fredzone

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