Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo, 30 years later the same empathy

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 18 – “Thirty years later we are the same, a handful of ideas are enough to have fun and entertain. And then we are so well-worn that we go to memory”, laughs Giovanni Storti.
“We have changed, before we were always together, now everyone follows their own projects and it is also therapeutic. But meeting again was wonderful: the empathy has remained the same”, echoes Aldo Baglio.
The two comedians met with Giacomo Poretti, the other member of the trio born in 1991, one of the best known and loved artistic associations of the Italian show business of the last decades, to celebrate thirty years of career in ‘Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo – We did 30… ‘, two special evenings aired on the first TV on the Nove on 21 and 28 November. With them Arturo Brachetti, artist, showteller and legend of transformism, as well as director of all their theatrical performances, for a sort of interview-show, including historical sketches, unpublished archive footage, secrets and background.
“In reality we met with Arturo, we are not interview people”, explains Giovanni. “The authors have fished in our long career, from the Caffè Teatro to the Courts, from Mai dire gol to Zelig: we revisited sketches that we didn’t even remember anymore, we were crazy inside”. “It was a foolish interview and it is surprising for the mountain of things that came out”, urges Aldo. “We also wanted our historical band, the Good Fellas, with us: the result is a kind of nostalgic bathroom that I think will please people too”. Comedy today “lacks the live gym: we tried everything with the real audience. Today it is no longer like this, we go to YouTube, the web, platforms: but the likes have nothing to do with applause”, he goes note Giovanni. “If we had been born today, we would not have become Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo”.
The two evenings – produced by Agidi Due, directed by Matteo Inzani and the general direction of Emanuela Rossei – will be followed on the following Sundays by the complete overview of the historical performances by Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo, from Corti to Tel chi el telùn, Could be offended , Anplagghed, Ammutta Muddica and the most recent Best of. (HANDLE).


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