Music: Capossela a Volo jazz for 30 years of career

(ANSA) – SACILE, 20 NOV – With a special concert, “Round One Thirty Five”, which with his band he will re-propose 30 years after the release of the album that started his career “At one thirty-five circa “, tomorrow at 9 pm at the Il Volo del jazz festival, in the Zancanaro theater in Sacile (Pordenone), Vinicio Capossela arrives exclusively for the Northeast.

To celebrate that record he chose to surround himself with a trio of excellent musicians, of jazz and cultured training, who had worked on that record or who shared with him the moments of the beginnings: Antonio Marangolo on sax and drums, Enrico Lazzarini on double bass and Giancarlo Bianchetti on guitar and drums.

His latest book has also recently come out, written during what he called “the general obscuring of an eclipse, which proceeds by flashes”. Published by Feltrinelli, “Eclissica”. On Monday 22 November, at 6 pm, at Palazzo Liviano in Padua (Sala dei Giganti), Vinicio Capossela will talk about it, retracing the journey that led to its publication, with Piero Martin, professor of experimental physics at the University of Padua and author of The Seven world measurements (Laterza 2021).



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