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Close to Galina Hutchins said goodbye to her ashes: This loss destroyed our dreams

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The ashes of Galina Hutchins, a month after her murder, were interred in a private ceremony attended only by her relatives and close friends.

Buried ashes of Galina Hutchins / Photo: People, Instagram

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A representative of her family told People about this. It is noteworthy that the family refused to disclose the burial place of the filmmaker. In a statement sent by email, Matt Hutchins shared:

Galina was the love of my lifeand this loss shattered our family’s dreams. Through the suffocating silence, we feel its irrevocable disappearance. Our love and admiration for Galina grows as we talk about her. We hope her work can inspire filmmakers around the world. Thanks to all those who showed concern at the time of loss, Matt wrote.

Photo, also provided by the family, shows headstone hutchins with the designation of her membership in the American Society of Cinematographers, as well as with the image of the camera and film. The stone is engraved with two lines of text: “Her Light Shapes Our Lives” and “keep on following your vision.”

Фото: People

What happened to Galina?

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Galina Hutchins was shot dead by Alec Baldwin last month on the set of Rust in New Mexico. The actor accidentally fired a lead bullet at her during a rehearsal. The director of the film was also wounded, but he was saved.

The tragedy provoked many protests in the film industry – workers demanded tougher safety standards on the set, including the abandonment of real weapons and blanks of any type. The investigation into the case is still ongoing.



Source From: Segodnya

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