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    Clint Eastwood, with Sergio Leone we spoke with gestures

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    At 91, if you are Eastwood, this can also happen to you: being celebrated as if you were no longer there by colleagues, actors and directors, who tell you with respectful love and also value your legacy. CLINT EASTWOOD – A CINEMATIC LEGACY is a docuseries in nine episodes – premiered at the Turin Film Festival which also has his latest film CRY MACHO on the bill – which punctually tells his career, from westerns to love stories, up to crime thrillers filled with gunpowder.
    Many people talking, from Martin Scorsese to Steven Spielberg, from Mel Gibson to Gene Hackman to Meryl Streep and obviously many words about him. Among these often echo those about Sergio Leone and the “spaghetti western” which actually launched it on the American market with the ‘Dollar trilogy’ in which the actor was simply ‘the man without a name’.
    “Sergio Leone did not speak English and I did not speak Italian when we met – says Eastwood -. So we got away with the language of gestures where he, being Italian, was doing much better than me”.
    And again the director in the docu-film: “What did I get from him? He was very good in landscapes, he knew how to enhance them, but above all he was extremely bold, courageous, he was never afraid to try something new, never done in the cinema. He influenced me as a director in many things and certainly for his gaze and his irony. With him it was however a great adventure “.
    Among his directors of reference then Don Siegel (The Man in the Leather Tie): “Don – he says – was certainly the one who had the greatest influence on me. Don was capable of making a lot of films, but not to find a decent budget.
    Despite this he managed to do very beautiful things “.
    One thing that must have really influenced Eastwood if Spielberg says of him: “He’s someone who always gets things done on schedule and always falls within the budget. It’s something I admire and try to do every time in my films and fail.”
    For Gene Hackman, Eastwood “is above all a great storyteller” while for Meryl Streep “one who always makes interesting films”. Richard Harris instead says: “He is a meticulous, calm, charming man who, thanks also to his very long career, knows everyone on the set even the last of the technicians”, while Martin Scorsese emphasizes how he “captured the spirit of classic American cinema and brought into our time “.
    The docuseries, already available in streaming from November 5 on HBO Max in the States, will then land digitally on other platforms and even in Blu-ray, so Italian fans of Eastwood will be able to enjoy it anyway. The documentary is just one of the many initiatives with which Warner Bros. celebrates Eastwood’s fifty years of directorial debut.
    Returning to the numbers, in addition to the 91 years of age, Eastwood can boast two Oscars for best director, one in memory of Irving G. Thalberg and two for best film, a César Award, six Golden Globes and four David di Donatello. He then starred in over sixty films, grossing a total of more than US $ 1.68 billion, with an average of US $ 37 million. Even the king of the western, and a musician by passion, did not miss anything for his children, in fact he is eight times a father from different unions.
    Firstborn Kyle, born in 1968 and raised listening to Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck and Thelonious Monk, is today a well-known musician and composer. Kyle’s sister, Alison Eastwood, also the daughter of his first wife Maggie Johnson, is instead an actress and director.

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