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    Pavlik’s ex-wife asked Repyakhova to leave her alone: ​​You are a cold-blooded creature

    Ekaterina Repyakhova and Larisa Sozaeva continue to publicly sort things out. This time, the reason for the quarrel was the page of the current wife of Viktor Pavlik

    Larisa Sozaeva and Ekaterina Repyakhova / Photo: instagram.com/repyahovakate, Facebook page of Larisa Sozaeva

    Ekaterina Repyakhova said that they are trying to destroy her blog on Instagram, and advertisers refuse to work with her because of the bot attack. Viktor Pavlik’s wife hinted at Larisa Sozaeva. The singer’s ex-wife did not remain silent.

    On her Instagram, she stated that has nothing to do with Ekaterina’s problems with advertisers.

    Tired. Katya Repyakhova is following me. She is haunted by my blog, she considers it possible to accuse me of cheating her bots and the decline in her advertising activities. Lord, who needs it? Katya, I live my life, you are not interesting to me as well as your blog with pacifiers and underwear. Leave me alone, – wrote Larisa Sozaeva.

    Also, the ex-wife recorded an appeal to Ekaterina Repyakhova. She asked her not to accuse her of anything.

    You took my husband away six years ago. He didn’t want to leave. He told you that? But you insisted. This is not the point. It is right that he is with you. I am very glad that he finally found a man worthy of himself. You’re very you tell a lot of lies about me… You are very jealous of me. You don’t even allow your husband to talk, correspond, see me now. You’re hysterical when my name is pronounced. You are a very impudent creature. You are a cold-blooded creature, – said Larisa Sozaeva.

    The singer’s ex-wife recalled that Catherine was preparing for her wedding when the artist’s son Pavel was dying.

    It didn’t really sadden you. And now, for some reason, you decided that I hired bots, opened your page. Why would I do this? I have nothing to do with you. I have my own personal life. I ask you to leave me alone. I don’t need you, – said Larisa Sozaeva

    Ekaterina words about the wedding in her blog managed to refute.

    Screenshot: Instagram

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    Source From: Segodnya


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