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    Hard labor, life imprisonment and execution: schoolchildren from the DPRK will be punished for watching the “Squid game”

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    In the 21st century, it is hard to believe that somewhere else there is a cruel punishment for watching a series, however, North Korea continues to shock the world with its inhuman laws. This time the “Squid Game” was blacklisted

    Shot from the series “Squid Game” / Photo: themoviedb.org

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    And although The Squid Game lost its primacy on the Netflix site, giving way to Call of Hell, the series continues provoke scandals worldwide.

    It became known that in North Korea sentenced to hard labor schoolchildren who bought a pirate a copy on a flash drive… More violent punishment awaited the seller banned in the DPRK series, he was sentenced to death penalty.

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    It was possible to catch the “intruder” with the help of seven high school students, who watched the movie. They issued a smugglerwho sold copies of The Squid Game. For “work with the investigation”, however, no mitigation the schoolchildren did not receive it. Six of them sent to hard labor, and the seventh, who was the buyer of the series, sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Punishment will also be incurred teachers and school administrators, where the caught violators studied. It is known that for improper upbringing and lack of control, their will be fired.

    Why is the squid game banned in North Korea?

    The North Korean authorities are known for their tough methods population control. Among other “people’s democratic” laws, there is one that prohibits showing films of capitalist countries… DPRK authorities criticized South Korean TV series “The Squid Game” for its plot and message. This is not surprising since one of the main characters in the drama, Kang Se Byuk (# 067) – refugee from DPRKthat is hiding from strictly political regime native country and dreams of saving his mother from there.



    Source From: Segodnya

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