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    Books: Panzerbar, newspaper of the last days of Nazism

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    (ANSA) – ROME, NOV 27 – Between 22 and 29 April 1945, with the Red Army laying siege to Berlin until it was annihilated, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels did not give up on propaganda. A propaganda of poison and lies, spread through the last newspaper of Nazism: the Panzerbär. Four pages for eight issues, in a reduced format, when no other newspaper circulates in the German capital anymore, using a makeshift press and setting up the editorial office in the bunker under the cannonade Chancellery.

    The logo is an armored bear, with a spade and panzerfaust between its paws: it encourages Berliners to fight until the last moment, because “victory is near”, “reinforcements are on the way” and “Westerners are changing alliance”. Children on bicycles distribute it among the rubble, free of charge, with the invitation, printed on the header, to “read and pass” to others.

    The Panzerbär reports the liar war bulletin every day, hosts ferocious editorials of the military hierarchs of the Third Reich, explains Goebbels’ phantom political and strategic reconstructions, spreads the threat of Hitler, which is becoming more and more aggressive: whoever betrays must be killed. It also tells the stories of the front, a city front, exalting individual desperate actions of presumed heroes immediately elected as martyrs, praising the women who fight alongside the men, raising the poor children thrown at Soviet tanks as champions.

    Giovanni Mari, journalist of Il Secolo XIX in Genoa, former author of the novel “Klausener Strasse” on the destruction of Hitler’s remains by the KGB in 1970, has reconstructed the entire story of Panzerbär, thanks to the consultation of the archives of the former GDR in Berlin and the documentation of the German Institute for Marxism and Leninism. (HANDLE).

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    Source From: Ansa

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