Loredana Berté, in The voice I discovered kindness

She is the most spirited of the Italian singers and she also shows it in her latest album ‘Manifesto’, but at ‘The Voice senior’ – the Rai Uno talent show where, after last year’s victory, she returns as a coach of over 60 talents – Loredana Bertè has discovered the value of kindness. “For me talent has no age – says the voice of ‘I’m not a lady’ – I treat competitors with kindness, understanding and curiosity because their desire to demonstrate who they are is almost surreal, it reaches my stomach, it is a power that it takes me and I don’t think about their age, I just think about making my experience available “. “I too want to sing because for me – confides blue-haired Loredana – singing is life and transferring curiosity. With colleagues we always try to lighten the situation, also in this edition I will try to give everything I can and more, with a lot of kindness “. Loredana admits that kindness was a word not very present in her vocabulary so far: “I project myself – she tells – into this new dimension, thanks to these gentlemen who arrive with their incredible desire to get involved, this feeling assails me, the desire to don’t be the bitch that I often am in life, I feel like affection and tenderness “. Then, of course, “they must be very strong otherwise I don’t turn around I only do it if I know that I can follow a precise path with them and assign the right songs according to the voice register. This remains important, the voice, which is unique because it passes the turn. is the first thing, but kindness – Loredana emphasizes again – must never be lacking: I don’t want to hurt anyone with an adjective, I don’t want them to think they are just being judged, because behind their voices we discover that there are very important stories and even those are brought into play. This is why when we say no, I’m happier if I know that the competitors have another job “. And all this is new for her: “Yes it’s true, I learned a lot from this program, I had never had – she explains – such an experience, from the band to the authors and producers the world around me is all different” particular to the others who in his latest studio work, ‘Manifesto’, released last November 5th, focuses above all on the female world: the song “I stopped being silent”, written by Luciano Ligabue, is a scream against violence against women. “When I recorded it, in the recording room – admits Loredana I felt like crying”. Also because the violence that sings is “a story that I lived on my skin, it stays with you forever and you deal with it every day. But we must not be silent, we must not take on blame that we do not have, women are victims, this must to be clear”. The songs ‘Dark Lady’, ‘Florida’ and ‘Donne di Ferro’ also talk about women. “For what has been my artistic and life story – she says – the woman is always a central figure, in ’74 I sang” You are beautiful “, today these pieces. I have always wanted to tell women, I have always rebelled against role of woman object that we wanted and we still want, alas, to give. I am a woman and also by instinct I carry my feelings, my sensations and what I see around me into my music, going against everything it takes to impose”. And this time, he does it with a whole new kindness.


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