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    How was the super final Dances with stars: all the performances of the participants on the 13th air (video)

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    This Sunday, the final broadcast of the dance show took place, as a result of which the pair-winner of the season was determined

    How was the superfinal of “Dancing with the Stars-2021” / Photo: instagram.com/tanci1plus1

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    The thirteenth evening on the floor was exciting. Three couples made it to the final – Arthur Logay and Anna Karelina, Olga Harlan and Dmitry Dikusar, Konstantin Voitenko and Roksolyana Malanchuk.

    All week the viewers voted for their favorites, and all week we were waiting for a new release of the “Mask” hyper show on the “Ukraine” TV channel. If you missed episode 6 of the show for some reason, check out which two masks were declassified last Saturday.

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    Let’s go back to dancing. All the couples who participated in this season of “Dancing with Stars” appeared in the opening number of the show, Lesya Nikityuk became the fourth judge, and Ekaterina Osadchaya became the presenter on the balcony.

    This evening the couples danced three dances each: task from the judge, audience choice and freestyle. The first to start Arthur Logay and Anna Karelina… The Viennese waltz earned them 40 points.

    Olga Harlan and Dmitry Dikusar got the task from Max Chmerkovsky – to repeat the tango. The Olympic champion admitted that she loves and hates this dance. However, the couple earned their first 40 points.

    Vlad Yama chose for Konstantina Voitenko and Roksolyany Malanchuk the waltz was the couple’s first dance this season. For the second time, the judges of the project rated the waltz at 40 points.

    Second dance Arthur Logay and Anna Karelina – contemporaneous to the live performance of the actor’s grandparents. This number brought the couple 40 points.

    The audience’s favorite dance performed Konstantina Voitenko and Roksolyany Malanchuk – also contemporary. And the second mark from the star jury for Kostya and Roksolyana – 40 points.

    For Olga Harlan and Dmitry Dikusar the audience chose samba, which we also saw earlier on the air of the show. Another mark of Olya and Dima – 40 points. Thus, all three pairs showed the same result.

    Third dance Arthur Logay and Anna Karelina performed to the song of the former participant of the show Dima Kadnaya. It is not difficult to guess that the third mark of the couple is 40 points.

    It’s freestyle turn from Konstantina Voitenko and Roksolyany Malanchuk… MELOVIN decided to support the couple in the final, who sang a song written during his participation in a dance show. Unexpectedly, the couple received not 40, but 38 points.

    With a song for the last dance on the project Olga Harlan and Dmitry Dikusar helped by Sasha Zaritskaya and the KAZKA group. 37 points – the lowest score from the judges on the 13th broadcast.

    Further, a show of results began on the project, as a result of which the outsiders of the final, the couple who took second place, as well as the winners of this season were determined.



    Source From: Segodnya

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