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    The thinner Leps scared the fans with scars on his head: Is it really a disease?

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    The singer’s fans have long been worried about his health. There are even rumors on the web about the artist’s serious illness.

    Grigory Leps looks very thin. / Photo: instagram.com/gvleps

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    The other day Grigory Leps, together with his eldest daughter Inga, came to the premiere of the film “Boomerang” by Pyotr Buslov in Moscow. The 59-year-old artist frightened the audience with his sickly appearance.

    By the way, Nikolai Baskov shocked his fans, who radically changed his image and called for experiments.

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    It was hard not to notice how Leps lost a lot of weightand strange scars appeared on his head. The artist himself does not comment on health.

    The artist noticed scars on his head.

    The artist noticed scars on his head. / Photo: instagram.com/gvleps

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    At the same time, surrounded by the artist, they assure that he feels great. And the scars are consequence of plastic surgery hair transplant.

    These scars are more than a month old, but he does not hide them. The scars were left after the hair transplant operation, which Gregory did abroad in the fall. And not for the first time: he had gone through this procedure twice more before – in America and Korea. About three years ago there were similar scars. But what to do, after all it is important for an artist to look good and keep yourself in shape, – writes “StarHit”.

    The singer is suspected of having a serious illness.

    The singer is suspected of having a serious illness. / Photo: instagram.com/gvleps

    But Leps lost weight supposedly due to a healthy lifestyle, which he has been leading for several years in a row. The artist goes in for swimming and walks a lot. According to media reports, with a height of 180 cm, the singer weighs about 75 kilograms.

    It is also known that Leps began to eat right and practically do not drink alcoholic beverages… As the artist himself said, at first he quit drinking because of a dispute, and then decided that he had already drunk his own.

    I am drunk very rarely. Maybe once every two years. It’s not very possible for me, I try to preserve my remaining health. Of course, my friends sometimes pour me a drink, but they drink themselves. I like alcohol, but I cannot afford it, – explained Leps in an interview.

    Grigory Leps at a concert.

    Grigory Leps at a concert. / Photo: instagram.com/gvleps

    Briefly about the musician

    Grigory Leps (real name Lepsveridze – Ed.) Was born on July 16, 1962 in Sochi in a working class family.

    He studied at a music school, then enlisted in the army, and upon his return, he sang in restaurants. Then he moved to Moscow, where he built a successful creative career. His famous hits: “I don’t believe you”, “Natalie”, “I raise my hands” and others.

    Grigory Leps

    Grigory Leps / Фото: Getty Images

    In 2017, Grigory Leps got into the base of the site “Peacemaker” because of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine, justification of Russian aggression and support of the Russian occupation regime in Crimea.

    And in 2019, he was banned from entering the territory of several European countries, including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, due to his strange behavior, explosive nature and sharp statements.

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    Source From: Segodnya

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