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Top most unusual favorites of stars: who lives with Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton and Nicolas Cage

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They say a dog is man’s best friend, but some stars will disagree. After all, sometimes cebretis have exotic pets, with which they manage to establish a special bond.

Today is World Pet Day. / Photo: Instagram

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On November 30, pet owners celebrate World pet day … On this occasion, “Today” has collected a selection of the most unusual and cute examples of friendship between cebretis and animals.

Sights and mini-pigs

Once upon a time, the fashion for little pigs captured many Hollywood stars and all thanks to Paris Hilton.

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In 2009, the star blonde showed the whole world an unusual pet, whom she named Princess Piglette. True, over time, the piglet has grown a lot, but the owner did not give up on him and continued to take care of it.

Paris Hilton and the mini pig.

Paris Hilton and the mini pig. / Photo: Instagram

They say that pets are like their owners. No wonder the fans Megan Fox, the actress is associated with a lioness or panther. However, a celebrity knows how to surprise. After all, she also once owned a Vietnamese fold pig, which she named Piggy Smalls… By the way, such a pig can be walked or trained to the toilet like a dog. Moreover, she is not at all whimsical in food.

The favorite delighted Megan for a long time, but in the end she had to give up the pig. According to the star, “Piggy Smalls began to show sexual aggression too much.”

Megan Fox and the mini-pig.

Megan Fox and the mini-pig. / Photo: Instagram

The pig also won the sympathy of the singer Miley Cyrus. In 2014, the artist got a miniature pig, which she named Bubba Sue… The star adored her pet very much and actively demonstrated it on the Web. Interestingly, in 2015, Miley, along with a mini-pig, graced the cover of one gloss.

Miley Cyrus and Mini Pig.

Miley Cyrus and Mini Pig. / Photo: Instagram

Conqueror of women’s hearts George Clooney also at one time raised a mini-pig – Max… Despite the fact that the cute pig later became a big pig, the actor always took care of him and took him for a walk. Mini-pig Clooney lived to be 18 years old. Interestingly, at first George bought it for his beloved, but he became so attached to the animal that he decided to keep it for himself.

George Clooney and the mini-pig.

George Clooney and the mini-pig. / Photo: Instagram

Leonardo DiCaprio and the turtle

Surely you will say that a turtle may very well be a common pet that fits in an aquarium. Yes, but the same cannot be said for the actor’s turtle. Once upon a time, a celebrity bought the animal for $ 400 after attending an exhibition of reptile breeding professionals. Just imagine turtle weighs 17 kg and during its existence it can gain up to 100 kg!

Leonardo DiCaprio and the turtle.

Leonardo DiCaprio and the turtle. / Photo: Instagram

Nicolas Cage and the octopus

The Hollywood actor not only plays extreme roles, but also has extreme favorites. First, stars appeared in the house two king cobras – Moby and Sheba. But Cage did not stop there and bought himself octopus for 250 thousand dollars. In the end, the clam had to be sold because it was costing Nicholas dearly to provide it.

Nicolas Cage and the octopus.

Nicolas Cage and the octopus. / Photo: Instagram

Kristen Stewart and the wolf

The actress is famous for her “love” for wolves, not only in the movie “Twilight”, but also in real life. So, at home, the actress kept the present mestizo wolf and dog named Jack. According to Stewart, her pet has a good character. Interestingly, Jack even became a TV star, starring in one of the shows with the hostess.

Kristen Stewart and the wolf.

Kristen Stewart and the wolf. / Photo: Instagram

Therefore, if you still think that it is best for people with a busy schedule to have cats because they are less of a hassle, then the stars with their constant filming and departures easily refute this opinion and are not afraid to have exotic pets.



Source From: Segodnya

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